The Weirdest Ways People Discovered Their Partners Cheating! Tabs, Fri., June 19, 2020

The Weirdest Ways People Discovered Their Partners Cheating! Tabs, Fri., June 19, 2020
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Good lord, the bandwidth for outrage on some of you.

There are things that still manage to surprise and shock me about Donald Trump every day; his utter indifference to Chinese concentration camps is not one of them. Still, good to get it on the record. (Daily Beast)

The MAGA Visitors' Guide to Tulsa. Thanks, The Lost Ogle!

John Roberts wasn't a dick again, and the Supreme Court ruled against Trump and for the Dreamers in a procedural/administrative case. (Of course Jamie will be covering it shortly.) In the meantime: The Three Best Lines in Sonia Sotomayor's DACA Concurrence. — Mother Jones

LOL John Roberts was like "PS Mr. President Trump, you can just make these arguments or whatever and then it will not be racist it will be permissible policy" and Trump's people were too lazy and stupid to even do that. — Adam Serwer at The Atlantic

Seattle's King County Labor Council kicked out the fuzz, and the fuzz are in AN UPROAR. — Crosscut

It's grifters all the way down: FEMA-Contracted Former Telemarketer Making "Test Tube Vials" Out of Soda Bottles edition. You're gonna wanna read this. (ProPublica)

Former New York Times ombudsman Margaret Sullivan on how her news judgment hurt the Black community in Buffalo, and fuuuuuck was she sorry. (Washington Post)

Journalists: Stop quoting the cops as fact. (One of our previous editors mandated that no major breaking crime/terrorism story include any detail that hadn't been said by police. It was not the principled journalism that editor thought it was.) — Will Bunch at Philadelphia Inquirer

This is damn impressive, as I quote this cop as fact. Former Camden, NJ, police chief explains how they rebuilt their PD from scratch, investigating officers who wrote the most tickets, preventing crime by being around instead of arresting people for dealing, listening to the ACLU, listening to the community ... huh. (Washington Post)

This guy says naaaah, use of force went up (and then concedes it went down once cops ... stopped using so much force) and there were MORE cops instead of fewer, working on a Broken Windows model. Somebody suss it out for me, kay? (WaPo)

Larry Klayman got a 90-day suspension by the DC bar for representing clients suing his old outfit, Judicial Watch (Bloomberg Law link), and not for the one where he stalked the lady and then sued Wonkette :(

Some dick Senate Republicans (Gardner and Daines) cosponsored a good public lands bill, and the House is going to pass it without change, and dick Trump is gonna dick sign it. (Mother Jones)

Alaska is airlifting the "Into the Wild" bus south. (Newsminer, reg. req.) Eva Holland's backgrounder on all the pilgrims who die or need rescue trying to find the dead man's bus. (Eva Holland)

Very good OLD TAB: Ted Nugent's Jailbait Problem. — Larry Womack at Huffpost

Prepare to be terrified: How anti-vax Facebook groups are turning your crunchy hippie friend from the health food store into a far rightwinger :/ — Mother Jones

"I write like" ... Leo Tolstoy, according to this algorithm thingie that I'm sure is very accurate and definitely not just like a Buzzfeed listicle quiz that just makes shit up about "which Skittles color are you" which is an actual Buzzfeed quiz I just saw because I had to go and look at their website because I couldn't think of any fake quiz example that would be stupid enough. I would not know what Leo Tolstoy writes like, but my guess would be "hard to follow" and also "the best." Oh wait, a different paragraph and I write like Kurt Vonnegut, ooh look it me I am all "hello baby welcome to earth I love peace and hate mean people SUCK IT DOK." Enjoy your new toy. — I Write Like

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