The White House Press Pool: Drowning in Boredom

joseph%20curl%20joe%20curl%20washington%20times.JPGBeing a White House correspondent sounds like a great gig. Several former WH correspondents have gone on to that Valhalla for print journalism, television. And don't forget their glamorous gala, the White House Correspondents Association dinner, taking place on Saturday, April 29. (Speaking of which: Word on the street is that invites to the Bloomberg after-party are out now. Are you on the list?)

Despite the perks and prestige, it seems that Joseph Curl of the Washington Times wants a transfer. How else to explain his passive-aggressive protest against the WH press pool? Check out his pool report, which is so short we don't need to jump it:

From: White House Press Releases

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 1:21 PM

Subject: POOL REPORT #1, 4/12/06

Pool Report #1

April 12, 2006

South lawn driveway

President Bush, in a blue pin-striped suit and pale yellow tie, appeared briefly on the driveway with Ghana President Kufuor. POTUS, squinting into the sun, said: Blah blah blah "... Millennium Challenge Account."

President Kufuor said: Blah blah blah "... AGOA" -- but also: blah blah blah "... then there's the TIFA, Trade and Investment Framework law." As always, check the transcript for exact quotes.

After taking no questions, the two presidents walked up the driveway toward the residence. At one point, Bush put his arm around Kufuor. They walked under the side of the canopy and disappeared.

Joseph Curl

The Washington Times

cell - XXX/XXX-XXXX [Like anyone would want to call you after reading this piece o' crap.]

"Blah blah blah"? Joe, you're sounding like The Note; surely you can do better than this. Once more, with feeling! If you'd like to file an amended pool report, after attending remedial pool reporting class this afternoon, just email it to us, and we will disseminate.

Bloggers often complain about how MSM writers lead cushy lives. But at least we don't have to cover boring stuff, causing us to grow bitter and resentful. (Thank God that Dubai ports thing lasted only a few weeks.)

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