The Wolfucker Demands Your Respect

She doesn't want your pity, she just wants to keep drawing a huge salary. - WonketteShaha Ali RZA, the woman just to the side of the center of the current World Bank scandal, would like you to know that just because her boyfriend Paul Wolfowitz got her a promotion and raise, she's no bimbo. No, as he dating Paul Wolfowitz proves, she's actually just an idiot. Someone can know 50 languages and still be a complete moron, that's the magical thing about Washington.

She and Paul met while both were married, though folks claim they didn't start fooling around until she was divorced and he'd given his wife of 30 years the boot. She worked for a time with Ahmed Chalabi's group of con artist expatriates. She also took a break from the World Bank after the overthrow of Saddam to take a nice little Iraqi vacation on the Pentagon's tab -- surprise surprise, Wolfowitz helped set that up for her.

Her only real problem, of course, is that she cares too much. And she has fucked-up arms or something.

Since Riza joined the World Bank in 1997, some colleagues say she has faced criticism for having sharp elbows, an air of arrogance and an obsession with women's rights, sometimes to the exclusion of other diplomatic considerations.

And Paul has faced criticism for being far too dedicated to eradicating poverty, helping the developing world, and having a dick for a head.

In the Shadow of a Scandal [WP]


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