• In his concern for Bristol Palin's privacy, Obama is now officially a better mother than Sarah. [Ben Smith]
  • Palin actually wanted to build that pricey Alaskan superbridge, before all the persuasive backlash. [Ezra Klein]
  • Oh, yes, so even more Palin fun facts will soon be revealed as your new Thomas Eagleton will go under oath to testify about Trooper-Gate. [TPM Muckraker]
  • Country first: Sarah Palin thinks that the founding fathers said the Pledge of Allegiance. [Michael Tomasky]
  • Thanks to Gustav, Barack Obama -- the topical character who is not Sarah, Trig or Bristol Palin -- had to cut short his motown karaoke crusade for Change. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Sheriff Lott in the war-torn South Carolina has a new tank, complete with a belt-fed, turreted machine gun, the caliber of which is so horrific that even the US Army doesn't like to use it. It is called the Peacemaker because of course. [Hit & Run]

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