The Worst Design Trends Over The Last 30 Years. Tabs, Tues., Sept. 8, 2020

The Worst Design Trends Over The Last 30 Years. Tabs, Tues., Sept. 8, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

No, the government did not break up a child sex ring in Georgia. The disinfo is horrendous; the actual info is enervating. (HuffPost)

Also scary people are scary.

This fucking asshole's church sickened hundreds of people in Maine and killed three (so far), but he's the one under attack. Pastor Todd Bell is a fucking asshole. (Daily Beast)

Who's doing actually great at coronavirus? Goddamn Senegal. (USA Today)

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is sorry he made employees "feel uncomfortable" which sounds like he is not denying he made them give straw donations he reimbursed. Which is the felony that sent Dinesh D'Souza to sleepaway jail. — CBS News

Melissa Ryan on The Rise of the Cheapfakes. — Medium

Gender reveal party has burned 7,000 acres in California so far, so THAT'S GREAT. (Slate)

A federal lab found a way to fix the grid and save billions of dollars in energy costs, so Trump blocked even the report of it because it's mean to coal. — The Atlantic

Is this guy who owns 8kun (formerly 8chan) Q? Eh, probably, though I still like longshot "Steve Bannon." (Daily Dot)

Trump campaign cash crunch oh no sad. — Axios

Trump campaign cash crunch oh no sad New York Times edition. — New York Times

Trump campaign cash crunch whoops we used all the campaign money on Trump lawsuits. (NYT)

Trump taking "high road" by not meeting with Democrats on coronavirus response. That's ... probably true. (Axios)

Sorry sorry, month old Montana news! All the Green Party candidates except "president" have been thrown off the ballot because of the GOP's "constructive fraud" in paying for their petitions, and the Montana Supreme Court and a US district judge all told them AND STAY OUT. (Missoula Current)

PFFT GLASS BLOCK IS AWESOME, WRONG PERSON WRITING LISTICLES. And that's when I clicked "close tab." The Worst Design Trends Over the Last 30 Years. (Lonny)

The CSA won't stop sending tomatilloes, so I made chili verde. (Kitchn) And I already had white beans on the stove when I googled what to do with the goddamn leeks the CSA sent, so: White beans with leeks and mozzarella and parmesan was just right. (Sweet Sugarbean)

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