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The Trump admin told hospitals to stop reporting COVID cases to the CDC and report them to a database in Washington instead. Fuckery, or is the CDC really that useless under Redfield, and I choose both. (New York Times)

Oh good, this makes so much more sense: Dr. Birx wants governors to deploy the National Guard to hospitals for data collection, nods sagely, AYUP. — Washington Post

You read this, I'm not gonna. "After months of asserting pregnant women were not at high risk for the coronavirus, the CDC recently released a study with sobering findings for expectant mothers. Experts say the data gaps are almost as worrisome as the results." — ProPublica

Last week, the Trump administration told foreign students that if their universities go online for classes, they have to GTFO. Now the administration has backed the FO. (AP)

How the 11 rival cultural regions of the United States handle COVID-19 differently. (Portland Press-Herald)

They fucked the Post Office on Monday, more, again. — Washington Post

One among your number is NOT NICE to BARI WEISS. (Medium)

Joe Biden signals openness to eliminating Senate filibuster is nice and all, but what does that have to do with the price of rice in China? Senate makes its own rules, and Biden ain't in it. (Politico)

The New York Times knows whom to factcheck, and it is that Lyin' Joe Biden! Shameful. And I don't mean Lyin' Joe.

Here's the Biden comment the Times fact checked: "Without a uniform plan and guidance from the federal government that state and local leaders can use to inform their reopening plans, this is going to continue to be worse than it would've been otherwise." Dead-on accurate, right? The Trump administration has abdicated its leadership role during this public health emergency, especially as states struggle with trying to reopen their economies, and conditions are getting worse.

The Times however, ruled Biden's common-sense statement was an "exaggeration" because the White House did in fact release "opening up American again" guidelines, even though the Times conceded they were "vague." Truth is, many red state governors simply ignored the guidelines, in part because Trump himself signaled they should be ignored.

Eric Boehlert at PressRun

Another Republican elected allegedly did vote fraud. Again. This time it's Kansas Congressman Steve Watkins, charged with three felonies. — KSNT

Joe Biden's "aggressive" climate change plan. (LA Times) Data for Progress agrees: He's moving Left on climate and voters love to see it. (DataForProgress)

Burger King gonna feed its cattle lemongrass to cut down on the cow farts. Does this work for humans too, no it's not a dumb joke, I am lousy with gas. — ABC6

We got us another Steven Biss Special! Dude who loves suing Devin Nunes's Cow is now representing cartoonist Ben Garrison in his defamation suit against the Anti Defamation League (IT'S RIGHT THERE IN THEIR NAME) for saying Garrison's cartoon about puppetmaster George Soros was anti-Semitic. But my god, it's full of stars:

Prior to publication of the ADL Article, ADL knew that the Rothschilds controlled Soros and that Soros controlled McMaster. ADL also knew that Garrison's cartoon was not anti-Semitic and knew that Garrison was not anti-Semitic.


The time Donald Trump Junior managed to get arrested during Mardi Gras, in New Orleans. — John Stanton in Gambit

City of Los Angeles residents, you can apply for a random chance at rent relief. (LA Times)

Charlie Pierce cares a lot more about these two journalism stories than about what the fuck is going on with Poor Bari at the New York Times. — Esquire

Let's all go watch a comet, let's all go watch a comet, let's all go watch a comet, and have ourselves a snack! (

Also, it's ANN! (Streaming at PBS)

Ann | Official Preview | Great Performances | PBS

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