Fake Biden Holograms And Demon Sperm: 2021's Things We Can't Believe People Actually Believed

Snake Oil And General Woo
Fake Biden Holograms And Demon Sperm: 2021's Things We Can't Believe People Actually Believed

It's honestly pretty hard to tell if 2021 was slightly better than the previous five years when it came to the conspiracy nonsense, or if we've all just become inured to it. I think on some level, once you've been through Wayfair and the Mole Children, it's really hard to be particularly shocked by anything anyone comes up with. A bunch of QAnon weirdos are gathering in Texas to herald the return of JFK Jr.? Shrug. They're drinking bleach? Double shrug. They've all been drinking bleach for two years now, and some of them for much longer than that. Maybe I'm just jaded, but these people really seem to love their bleach and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to convince them to stop drinking it.

I'm not saying I want them to continue drinking bleach or that we should stop trying, but it's hard to have particularly high hopes at this point. It's hard to say anything to people who can look at other people who literally turned blue from drinking colloidal silver and still think, "I'm gonna drink me a glass of that."

The biggest difference between this year and the Trump years is that there was no more Q to guide many of these people and so they pretty much had to "Yes and" their way to settling on a narrative. But that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of weird going on — particularly between COVID woo and voter fraud theories. So behold, some of the things you were probably better off forgetting ever happened!

Facebook Ivermectin Fans So Jazzed About Shedding Their Intestinal Linings!

Alex Jones Pretty Sure Joe Biden Dropped Tornado Nukes On Kentucky

Senate's Dumbest Republican Gonna Cure COVID With Listerine, OPEN WIIIIIIIDE

Tucker Worried About Getting 'Feminized' By COVID Now, Like A Normal Person

Republicans Say Omicron Variant Is Plot To Steal Election, Storm Border, Other Things Probably We Bet

Sidney Powell And Michael Flynn Tried To LOCK HER UP CIA Director Gina Haspel For Server Treason

Dr. 'Demon Sperm' Warns Our Leaders Have Been Replaced With Blood-Drinking Clones

MyPillow Guy Has Very Exciting Thanksgiving Prophecy To Share!

Remember Italygate? Turns Out People Behind It About As Authentic As Pasta With Ketchup

Christian Preacher Very Concerned About Demon-Possessed Joe Biden And His Sex-Trafficking Tunnels

Did Joe Biden Ban High Testosterone Christians From Army? Tucker Carlson Says F*ck It, Sure!

Florida Dad Is Onto Our Nefarious Plan To Depopulate The World With Vaccines

Illuminati Can't Stop Lin Wood From Accusing People Of Child Sex Trafficking

BAD NEWS: QAnon Demon Healer Says Biden Dead And Clintons Dead And Tom Hanks Dead And

Devin Nunes Says Dems Gonna Create Fake Biden Holograms To Make Him Sound Smart As Old 'Best Words' Trump

That is not even close to all of the stupid shit people believed this year, but it sure is a lot.

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