Her son still looks stunned and her husband, well, let's not talk about thatOn Friday, we expressed a certain level of skepticism at the Pakistani government's announcement that Bhutto was not killed by either the guy who shot her or the suicide bomber, but by hitting her head on the sunroof (which they've since modified to "the sunroof lever"). Unsurprisingly, we weren't the only ones. What is surprising is who refused the autopsy.

Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir Bhutto's husband (and the dude with the 'stache), admitted this weekend that it was he who refused to allow the hospital to perform an autopsy after Bhutto's assassination out of distrust for the government. Because, obviously, an autopsy wouldn't have left any irrefutable medical records or witnesses or anything, and it was much more important to show one's distrust of the government.

In the mean time, a board member of the hospital where Bhutto died released her medical records and an open letter from the doctors directly challenging the government's account of the manner of Bhutto's death. Though they were not allowed to perform the autopsy, they swear they in no way stated that she hit her head and refused to confirm the government's account of events. They won't, however, speak to the press directly for fear of their jobs, but they sure as hell don't want people to think that they're stupid/bad doctors.

The party also picked Bhutto's 19 year-old son Bilawal "Bhutto" Zardari (they changed his name this weekend) to head it in time for the elections, though he'll return to Oxford to finish his university degree and leave his dad, The Mustachioed One, as the caretaker party leader. Because nothing screams dynasty like a 19 year-old leader and an old guy pulling the strings.

Also, CNN has 2 different sets of footage showing Bhutto getting shot, in case you still had doubts. They'll probably still hold the elections next year, unless Uncle Pervy gets too jealous of Zardari's magnificent mustache.

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