The Zeitgeist Checklist Checklist: Did You Hear About Ken Lay Yet?

Last week, we (acting against the recommendations of our doctors) mocked Dana Milbank's new regular feature, CW "The Zeitgeist Checklist" (confidential to WPNI: We are also available to write lists of headline w/ arrows in exchange for lots and lots of money). This week, we are embarrassed to admit that we're going to do it again.

We note first that Slate has not yet picked up Dana's "This Week In Last Week" column. That's no way to maximize synergy, Weisberg. On that note, here's to the classes that chatter, and what they'll be chattering about -- we highlight a couple items worthy of futher investigation, after the jump.

1) North Korea -- Their long-range missile failed spectacularly, Bush has no intention of changing his policy towards them. Though this would be a totally right-on choice for "The Japanese Zeitgeist Checklist."

2) Iraq -- Way to fit atrocities against civilians, amnesty, and the heating up of the war in Gaza into one item. Just call this one "shit going down in the middle east" and plant it at the top of the list for the rest of the column's existence.

5) Immigration -- Specifically, Congressional Republican's plans to hold little "town hall" farces instead of passing any legislation. New to the Checklist this week. Story from about three weeks ago.

6) Gas prices -- We hear they're high.

9) Bush's birthday. Also, Independence Day. Also, the Space Shuttle. -- "ON THE ZEITGEIST CHECKLIST THIS WEEK: LAST TUESDAY."

The Zeitgeist Checklist [WP]

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