The Zeitgeist Checklist Checklist: Hopefully Not the First In a Series

Oh boy! The Dana Milbank has a hot new Slate/WaPo feature (you smell that? It's synergy)! Every week, he'll tell you what the Insider Beltway Pundit Gangs of 500 Insiders are talking about at their "cocktail parties." It's the Zeigeist Checklist, ripped off wholesale (with permission) from an old City Paper feature, completely identical to a number of features at various newsweeklies. Let's take a look, shall we?

Let's take a look at the two of the entries:

Flag-burning: Amendment defeated last week, already forgotten.

Rain: Stopped earlier than expected. Caused minor carpet damage to the DNC.

Dana Milbank's Zeitgeist Checklist: Learn what the "chattering classes" were talking about last week!

The Zeigeist Checklist [Slate]


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