There Is Nothing We Can Do

yes yes, we all know you were waterboardedAt Christmas dinner yesterday, several of my family members broke the unwritten "no talking about politics" rule by saying that Mitt Romney is dead. Coincidentally this was the exact same time that I realized Mitt Romney would probably win the GOP nomination -- Huckabee and McCain will run out of money before Super Tuesday, 9/11 is growing more irrelevant by the day, Fred Thompson will go AWOL shortly to live among the tadpoles.

But we're both right: Mitt is both dead and unstoppable at the same time. So another arbitrary point: the horse race in Iowa is over, there's nothing we can do, every candidate has an equal chance of winning anything and everything and polls are irrelevant. Would Romney or McCain have a better shot at beating Clinton? Who gives a flying karate penis fuck. [Rasmussen Reports]


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