There Was More Than One Episode Of '19 Kids And Counting' This Week Because We Have Offended The Lord


Did you know that the Duggar show thingy "19 Kids and Counting" sometimes airs two episodes in one night and then we have to recap two Duggar shows at once? US NEITHER. So we're back recapping episode three of this season and what have we done to deserve this?

Jill has a very special announcement, so she calls Mom and Dad Duggar on the home phone, which is a thing in this house, so that they can come to the living room and hear her big news. But first, lets reminisce about how great Jill is. She is fun! She is laid back! She eats pickles!

Many boys have reached out to Daddy Duggar about courting Jill, but none has been special enough for her. Except now she has met a special someone, and we are going to watch them FaceTime, because life is meaningless.



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