There's RATS Outside The White House, Blanche
Photo by Alex Howard, Creative Commons license 2.0

For those of you who see signs and portents everywhere, which we kind of hope is about zero percent of Wonkette readers, because we are good decent people who do not read anything significant into mere coincidences, today was one of those days when Donald Trump's Twitter and the mundane lived reality of Fox News actual reporter John Roberts briefly touched, and ... Oh, rats! JUST YESTERDAY, Trump was fulminating about that dirty rat, Michael Cohen:

Actually, we suppose we could remind Trump -- as we're certain his actual attorneys and staff must surely have tried to -- there's nothing especially unthinkable or unheard of about executing a search warrant. It's a bit unusual to do so on a "president's" lawyer, we suppose, but the extraordinary thing there was that there was enough probable cause for a judge to sign off on the search, which has held up in court just fine. And of course, nobody broke in to nothin' -- Cohen let the feds in when they showed him the warrant, and thanked them for their professionalism.

Not that any of that is important to this very important coincidence: Today, Fox's John Roberts twote thusly!

Why, yes, there were comments about sinking ships and the like. The rat in question was apparently not Mr. Cohen, but it certainly sparked some memories of previous rodents sighted outside the presidential mansion, like this former rat being devoured by a vulture spotted last February by open government advocate dude Alex Howard, who also snapped that lovely pic up top. He figured it was pretty timely all over again, so he retweeted it shortly after Roberts.

Yale history person Joanne Freeman, who has a nifty new book out about members of Congress just plain wailin' on each other under the dome in the run-up to the Civil War (get it for your history buff friends / family members), certainly thought the metaphor was a bit obvious:

Oh, yeah, the footage IS a bit repulsive! But nothing like the average Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing (before Twitchy decides that's about her looks, we mean the LIES). Vulture's just eatin', man.

And now it is your OPEN THREAD. Please do not read any portents into that, will you?

[TPM / John Roberts on Twitter / Alex Howard on Twitter / Joanne Freeman on Twitter / Photo: Alex Howard, by permission & Creative Commons license 2.0]

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