These 40+ '70s TV Shows Were Basically Unwatchable! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 8, 2021

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These sorts of air rages and grocery store rages are purposeful, to keep us in a state of fear that they will snap and kill us. Anyway, check out "rabid pud" over here, being a rabies-stricken pud. (ABC 4)

Idaho Department of Health institutes "crisis standard of care" — hospital rationing — because of all the unvaxxed people dying of stupidity. (AP) Our health care system has already collapsed. (Slate) Mississippi c-sections in the ICU to get the baby out before the mom dies. C-sections as in "more than one." (Mississippi Free Press)

Where does Ron DeSantis go to get his apology?

Florida COVID death chart shows highest levels ever, by a lot

Is Joe Rogan basically Jude Law in Contagion? (Crooks & Liars)

How the horse dewormer/gun shot story got so fucked up. A video (gah) but from the always-valuable Daniel Dale. — CNN

Joint statement from 200 medical journals: STOP CLIMATE CHANGE OR HUMANITY GETS IT. (Montana Public Radio)

Speaking of! New Orleans! A calendar of where to find cooling centers, meals, and cetera! — Trumba

Marc Elias and LULAC suing Texas over voting non-rights law. (LULAC)

The Supreme Court said Joe Biden had to keep Trump's "remain in Mexico" ("Migrant Protection Protocols" or MPP) policy, so what can Joe Biden do about it? This, actually. — Women's Refugee Commission

Biden going with a WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON approach to the $3.5 trillion over a decade "Build Back Better" reconciliation bill. Unsaid by AP: He means Sinema and Manchin too, presumably, not just the GOP.

Yes, Fox News has made us hate each other, because they are hateful and radicalize their followers to hate. — Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

Jill Biden goes back to school as the first ever First Lady to have a J-O-B. — NBC News

Ted Lasso power rankings for each episode of season 2. See you in an hour. (Uproxx)

I got mad at this "22 Pasta Dishes Every Home Cook Should Know" when first dude was like "everyone always has Pecorino in their kitchen all the time." Wait, I'm lying, I got mad at the title. But then I got less mad later, some time around "spaghetti, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice and zest." Then I got mad again at "All that is needed is homemade tagliolini pasta, fresh lobster, steamed and peeled garlic, basil, yellow cherry tomatoes, and olive oil." (Food and Wine)


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