These Cheaters Were Caught Via Text! Tabs, Mon., April 19, 2021

These Cheaters Were Caught Via Text! Tabs, Mon., April 19, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

The Right's rhetorical empty calories. "Woke" and "cancel culture" and all the other bullshits. — Parker Molloy at Media Matters

Motherfucking sons of bitches Republicans in Congress fucking a panel to probe the January 6 attacks, because Nancy Pelosi won't promise to blame Antifa for it. (Washington Post)

Police reforms in Fayetteville, North Carolina, stopped cops from pulling Black people over for "nothing," and had them concentrate instead on a few actual moving safety violations — running red lights, speeding, DWI — and you'll never guess what happened next, oh maybe you will, Black motorist stops decreased by half, use of force went down, traffic fatalities went down, and citizen complaints against the police went down. HUH! (Times News)

Say "Black Lives Matter," and law enforcement officers will resign from your domestic violence board, because they're cancel culture snowflakes, and "Black Lives Matter" is a personal affront to them, who must by definition believe that Black lives don't. (Dame)

Beulah Mae Donald, the woman who BK'ed the KKK. — Mental Floss

Oh my god. Please watch the whole thing. (SORRY, this has been deleted by the MEAN TWEETER, it was a goat being freed from a foot-wide crevasse and then immediately jumping across the crevasse and falling back in the crevasse. IT WAS FUNNY.)

The $100 million New Jersey deli that made $35,000. A fun MYSTERY! from Cory Doctorow at Pluralistic. And the CNBC source.

DOJ civil suit against Roger Stone and his wife Nydia for frauding all the tax moneys. ALLEGEDLY. (DOJ)

I have no idea how old this interview with Katie Porter is (might be a few years old, she talks about Donna Shalala getting elected in an every-25-years "year of the woman," and Shalala's already been beaten), but it's delightful, on how she is bad at fashion and sometimes bad at momming, and her philosophy on how she helps.

There's always somebody who has a question and wants an answer. Someone who needs help, who wants me to hear their story. Whether it's my children or my constituents, it's somewhat bottomless. The other day, my son was like, 'Mom, do you think blah, blah, blah, blah is racist?' And I said, 'I don't know, I'd have to think about it.' He asked me again. I said, 'I don't know.' He asked me again, and I said, 'Look, I don't know.' He finally said, 'I'm asking as a constituent.' And I said, 'Well, call 949-660-XXXX, and we'll see when someone can get you an answer.' Like, I'm not available for perpetual constituent questions from my home.


Making your bar or restaurant inclusive for workers and guests with various disabilities. is getting so WOKE AND CANCEL CULTURE AND OTHER TERRIBLE (good) THINGS!

I want Tracy Zabar's job reviewing cookbooks, oh wait that already is my job! Asparagus quiche recipe reviewed from Sheet Pan Everything (Wonkette cut link) by Ricardo Larrivee. (Zabars)

Let's all go see the Wonkette reader in Iceland! — Thrillist

We are going "camping" (RVing) here with the girls in the future yestertonight. Ima eat FIFTY EGGS! (Soju Norwegian Farm)

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