These My Little Pony Plushies Will Watch Season 4 With Us In Manly Splendor


We are counting down the days, the anticipation building, our just-can't-waitness growing with each passing day. Sometimes we find ourselves just staring out the window instead of working, daydreaming about what we'll get.

Christmas? Screw that, we're talking about the season 4 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, set for November 23. Until the new episodes start playing, we have to make do with fan-made stuff like that "Friendship is Manly" video up there, which, brilliant though it is, is not enough. We need Pony in our lives, you see. And new Pony is better than reruns on Netflix. Unless they screw it up and TOTALLY RUIN THE SERIES FOREVER. (Friendship may be magic, but Fandom is Drama.) And to think, a year ago we were being all ironic about these little marshmallow horses...and now, they take up a surprising amount of our brainspace. No worries, it would have just been frittered away on anime anyway.

So anyway, for Hearth's Warming Eve, the fake pony Christmas analogue, what we really want is one... no, ALL of these fine MLP plushies from Think Geek at just $19.99 a pop.

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Doktor Zoom

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