These Petty Revenges Had Huge Payoffs! Tabs, Wed., April 14, 2021

Class War
These Petty Revenges Had Huge Payoffs! Tabs, Wed., April 14, 2021

Man, I don't know. Michael Harriot thinks America might be racist. (The Root)

Buffalo PD Officer Cariol Horne was fired after she fought a fellow officer who was choking a man out. (That officer eventually went to prison for depriving Black kids of their rights under the color of law.) Now there's a law, Cariol's Law, and it says "If Cariol Horne gets fired trying to stop an officer from killing someone, you have to give her her pension." So the judge did. — Buffalo News

Pramila Jayapal and others all like "we know it's not you, it was them, but just a friendly reminder SAVE THE BORDER CHILDREN PLEASE JOE BIDEN, DON'T DO LIKE THE 'TWO YEAR OLDS TAKING CARE OF ONE YEAR OLDS LIVING IN THE DIRT THING' PLS." (Letter)

This fuck can go get fucked.

Inflation numbers about to look freaky-deaky, but our friends the Roosevelt Institute say it's because the numbers are year over year, and a year ago prices were actually falling because none of us had figured out we could spend all our money online shopping yet. (Slate)

Streaming killed the radio star. David Dayen longread on just how fucked the music biz is now, from March. (The American Prospect)

A several-months-old tab on Substack, the newsletter company that makes me feel jealous and underperforming and bad about myself. What is wrong with me, why am I so waaah, Wonkette is great and you guys let me hire however many writers I have now, I can't even keep track! — The New Yorker

Seems like only the professional class can unionize now. (The American Prospect)

Money is weird now! — Max Read at New York mag

Medical ethicists can't stop laughing at Blackstone claiming it's not gonna do anything hinky with your DNA it bought when it bought Ancestry. They are all like so many acronyms of laughing! — LA Times

You know, I just don't love songs about current events, and that includes Neil Young on 9/11, change my mind.

Everything you needed to know about plague doctor plushies. — Anne Theriault at The Walrus

I will drink these. Cocktails with mint. (Liquor)

Why restaurants need you to eat at 5:30. I never understood eating at 8 anyway. Oh wait I just remembered I have second dinner at 10:30 every night while I'm watching Love It Or List It, but I think that might just be because I'm high. — Food and Wine

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

And that was a tabs that was HEAVILY about money. You got some? Will you give it to us? Okay bye.

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