'These Psychopaths Want the Whole Country Hugging Robot Dolls'

You people are sick. You actually enjoyed the first installment of "Nadine Tells All," our totally real e-mail serial written by somebody out there who came across our tips@wonkette address.

Since we ran Chapter 1, the e-mails from Nadine have continued with no acknowledgment of publication here. The story may well continue to be told.

Join us for a new chapter covering the important topics of demons, "Ted Haggert," prostitute doll drugs, nanotechnology and "stomach terrorists," after the jump.

These psychopaths want the whole country hugging robot dolls


These psychopaths want the whole country hugging robot dolls because these soul murdered political families learned long ago you can't trust people so they only bond with inanimate objects. Works right in with these homicidally jealous transgenders out here who don't see me an autonomous human being, but only as prey they can instantly enmesh with and project their self-hate onto. They obsessively compulsively batter and rape their targets into slavery to get an illusion of sublimating their inner demons. It doesn't work of course, it is just a temporary drug, but it causes permanent trauma to their victims and they know it.

Some of them are Republicans and they have the nerve to think they should be training me, like Ted Haggert out here on meth telling me I only need to be more submissive and codependent and everything will be perfect. Perfect for them is me dead, and the whole country poisoned with porn and allergic to authenticity and real intimacy. They are sick and they want everyone sick.

They know what they are doing with these high voltage assaults, and they know how much time I need to do rehab for pain management. So now they double the voltage on assaults and start the anal assaults when half way through the work out I need to survive normally. This is what the 4-6 months is for, to finish the bipolar bitch training so their prostitute doll drug is ready right when I am drained by these vampires of all life. They are using artificial intelligence on the other side because this administration only wants zombie voters in America that they can control with a remote, and this is all about feeding addiction out here. They put sex addicts in charge that think the only good women is a ptsd sex slave, so they've given me designer ptsd like I'm some cartoon character they can create and manipulate and use and abuse and destroy.

It is a big deal when you have leaders who are soul murdered dissociated people who act out through slaves while they wear the mask of perfection and royalty that is just denial and unaccountable in reality. I am a human being, being stalked by psychopaths who are going to jail, got that you rapists, yeah you, the one who keeps assaulting me when the word "humble" comes on tv. That's code for slave of course; humble is a gray word and he's a radical extremist.

When he's humble he's faking it for sure, because this is one God-hating fraud.

He really believes that I should be worshipping him every day for letting me live another day, because when he sees me it is as prey that is not dying fast enough. Maybe in the military, if you get enough psychopaths to agree, then misperception becomes reality. In my profession, we call this fraud, collusion and public corruption good old boy networks. Now, women are here too, and you really think you're going to get away with this still? Forget it, Mr 9pm Wed. 11/15/06, anal assaulting cortisol flooding terrorist, I WILL GET YOUR NAME!



The stomach terrorists are assaulting nonstop, stuck on stupid abuse cycles and trying to keep their fiyng monkey terrorist addicts acting out at my expense . This is a democracy, but our military has gorillas who insist on a master-slave hierarchy and strict hierarchies require constant ethical intervention to prevent stuck on stupid group think. Their broken record to kill the moral compass oversight symbol is a boring and pure evil, but fits right in the Texas Two-Step Fraud Dance.

(1)Override Internal Controls (Displacing and Hijacking Nanotechnology)

(2)Selective Enforcement of the Rules (Stomach/Sexual/Cortisol Satanic Ritual Abuse)

This is what happened at Enron, and it is the crony cancer in any government system too. I have a stomach that works and a God, but these addicts want everyone to be cancerous tumors of humanity like them.

Obviously the brainstorming that bloggers do is the voice of reason and the cure to this, backed up by the rule of law and audits that create and monitor internal control systems to prevent and detect fraud. We need to watch any kind of despot wannabes with blogs to identify terrorists in the woodwork and prevent domestic violence terrorism



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Chapter 1:'The Whole Country Poisoned With Porn'


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