These Teens Have Net Worths Beyond Your Imaginations! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 11, 2021

These Teens Have Net Worths Beyond Your Imaginations! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 11, 2021
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A transcript of Trump's speech telling the crowd to go save the country by stopping Congress, with this very curious little part:

Thank you. I'd love to have, if those tens of thousands of people would be allowed, the military, the secret service, and we want to thank you, and the police law enforcement. Great. You're doing a great job, but I'd love it if they could be allowed to come up here with us. Is that possible? Can you just let them come up, please?

He probably meant he wanted all tens of thousands on the stage with him, right? He is known for the loving the grubby and the contagious. ( transcript) (NYT analysis if you've got a subscription, don't waste a click if you don't)

What do you think, Alan Dershowitz?

Maggie Haberman tweet quoting Alan Dershowitz: "I will continue to argue in the court of public opinion that his speech -which was personally deeply upsetting to me- is core political advocacy protected by the First Amendment & the Brandenburg precedent, and therefore not a constitutionally permissible basis for impeachment"

You know, I'm just a blogger with a master's in journalism and a few NYU First Amendment and Civil Liberties classes on my resume, not a Harvard Law man, but any fool can look up Brandenburg and find "Brandenburg says speech advocating illegal conduct is protected under the First Amendment unless the speech is likely to incite 'imminent lawless action.'" What part of Trump's speech WASN'T likely to incite imminent lawless action? They *imminently lawlessly acted*. He told them to go to Congress RIGHT NOW, which is "imminent," and "stop them" and "fight" and "be strong" "not weak," and then watched TV for two hours while refusing to authorize the National Guard to come to the aid of the extremely overrun, presumably on purpose, Capitol Police.

Hey, how did Black cops feel about the crowds trying to kill them? NOT GREAT BOB. And they SURE WERE WONDERING why their command hadn't ordered all hands on deck and was nowhere to be found! — Buzzfeed

FBI got this buddy who was chasing down a Black cop. (CNN) And they got the two zip-tie sons of bitches, Larry Rendell Brock and Eric Munchel. (News 5 Nashville) Which is great, but I am waiting to hear from FBI Director Chris Wray about WTF? Why did the Capitol Police chief say there was "no intelligence" that there would be a breach, when we can all read the Internet, and why did the FBI — whose Washington field office chief ALSO said there was no intelligence there'd be a breach (NBC News) — escort Ashli Babbitt and the EMTs out and then not come back? (A senior official tells NBC they were there within 50 minutes of shit getting real. Not enough.) You know, just little questions like that.

And then what do you know, in the Department of Defense's timeline for 1/6, there sure are a couple hefty gaps in there considering the mob was LITERALLY HUNTING THE VICE PRESIDENT AND SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. (

Former Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is PIIIIIISSED.

The difference in how cops react to leftwing protests vs. rightwing (I just wrote whitewing, oh well) protests, with nerdmath. Two guesses. — FiveThirtyEight

A really excellent essay by Yale historian Timothy Snyder on ... all of it. — New York Times

Old post on the decades-long protection the Republican Party has offered to violent extremists. (Talking Points Memo)

Look who's getting released on their own recognizance. (DC has no cash bail.) (Seattle Times)

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey joins Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowksi in telling Trump to GTFO. Guessing there's one more for impeachment, Mitch. — TPM

Josh Hawley's millionaire donors hitting him where it hurts: They're demanding their goddamn money back. (Wall Street Journal)

Forbes has always had a bug up its ass about Donald Trump, because they never forgave him for lying his way onto their 400, and they'll go follow him to his grave like Javert going after Jean Valjean. Here's a heartwarming post from their chief content officer warning any company who hires any of Trump's spokespeople that they'll assume their companies have hired them to lie. (Forbes)

If you didn't read Robyn's post on it yesterday, do watch Schwarzenegger explainingwhat are Nazis.

And finally, a nice time: Old Handsome Joe Biden's decided being a deficit hawk right now would be a really stupid fucking thing to do and is going to ask for some trillions of dollars to invest in the nation. — NBC News

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