These Wedding Gowns Made The Guests Uncomfortable! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 27, 2020

These Wedding Gowns Made The Guests Uncomfortable! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 27, 2020
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Oh no I just spontaneously combusted and now I am just a pile of ashes on this couch, so messy, sorry Shy please sweep me up.

ACLU suing on behalf of all the folks the feds abducted, teargassed, and more in Portland. Here's Mark's story. — Buzzfeed

And here's Chris's, that giganto old Navy dude who flipped them off and never fell. (USA Today)

Some sportsmen are not sticking to sports! They all GENERAL STRIKING and everything! (Yahoo Sports)

2018 tab reminder! The time Sterling Brown sued the Milwaukee PD for excessive force! (Vox)

More on the teenage-cop-wannabe-involved shooting of three people in Kenosha protests. (CBS Chicago)

Trump doesn't have to shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue; he's got teenage-cop-wannabes to do it for him. Here's the young literal police cadet at the front of a Trump rally. — Buzzfeed

To understand the citadel of law enforcement, we must reckon with its unions—which resemble fraternities more than labor unions:

In the absence of slavery as the means by which Black people could be made to stay in one place and work when and how White people needed them to work, the plantation class looked to the law to ensure that they would. Hence, the Reconstruction-era legislation known as the Black Codes was born. In Mississippi, being Black and not having written proof that you were employed was now illegal. In South Carolina, being Black and having a job other than servant or farmer was illegal unless you paid an annual tax of up to $100. Being in a traveling circus or an acting troupe? Illegal. In Virginia, asking for pay beyond the "usual and common wages given to other laborers" was illegal. In Florida, disrespecting or disobeying your employer was illegal. In some areas, fishing and hunting, or even owning guns, were now banned, as these activities could lessen Black dependence on White people for employment. And who would enforce these new laws? The police.

Eve Ewing at Vanity Fair

And oh hmmm top officials kept trying to warn Trump of domestic rightwing terrorism, guess how that went!

After the weekend of massacres, White House officials became more interested in Neumann's project. Officials told her they could point to her work to show they took the problem seriously. She briefed multiple officials on domestic terrorism issues and what the government could do to prevent attacks. One challenge was particularly thorny, however: The officials, who Neumann declined to name, didn't want to use the term "domestic terrorism."

Hint it didn't go anywhere until they could say "leftwing." — Politico

Yes, that is this Neumann:

Three militia dudes who plotted to blow up a mosque sentenced to prison for mostly ever. But what about their promising presents? (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Two women Trump played Naturalization with at the RNC say they didn't know they were going to be used as political props. (Wall Street Journal)

Which is a perfect time to splainer our use of links here! Some will have paywalls, because that is what I am reading right now. Very rarely will they have "hard" paywalls, like the Wall Street Journal does above, but also? That was the WSJ's scoop, and I'm not going to RawStory or some shit to aggregate it for you. Most places I link to will give you five or more post views before they hit you up for money, and you can be sparing in choosing whether or not to click. But I'm not going to restrict the morning's news to only free sites or it would only be Breitbart, Wonkette, and presumably the Palmer Report. Sometimes you'll hit your free post limit, and you can choose whether it's worth it to you to subscribe or not. Other times, it's a site a lot of people already have subscriptions to, say the Washington Post, and I should be able to let people know there's a story there they might find of interest. And if you don't want any more subscriptions? You now know that that is a story that exists. Okay? Okay. Now quit yer bitching, mama is irked.

Trump wanted moats with SHARKS WITH FREAKING HEAT RAY BEAMS to shoot at border crossers. HEAT RAY BEAMS. (New York Times)

In addition too also!

But for his core supporters, Mr. Trump's immigration agenda is again at the heart of his campaign, and the unrest roiling cities from Portland, Ore., to Kenosha, Wis., could give it more punch. The pitch: He has delivered on perhaps the central promise of his 2016 run, to effectively cut off America from foreigners who he said posed security and economic threats.

He sure has cut off America from foreigners. We're the shithole country now that nobody will let in.

Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins talk about QAnon and disinformation. Guess what the latest online group to get infected/evangelized is. You will not guess. It is PELOTON. THOSE BIKES! FOR PEOPLE WHO DO EXERCISE! Jesus fuck. — Columbia Journalism Review

Oh! A few days ago I learned!

Plus a bonus tab rec from Brandy! How to Talk to Conspiracy Theorists and Still Be Kind. (MIT Technology Review)

What a writer E. Jean Carroll is. Here she dies laughing along with Natasha Stoynoff, the former People reporter Trump assaulted with his gross tongue while she interviewed him and then-pregnant Melania about their one-year anniversary. (The Atlantic)

Hurricane Laura forecast changing from bad to catastrophic. — Gizmodo

CBS explains Laura's winds the greatest we've (potentially) ever seen, and the water will be worse. (CBS)


We love you darlings. Please stay as safe as you can.

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