They Did It. In Seven Days, It's Our Turn.

They did it, just like they said they were going to.

Monday night, by a vote of 52-48, and with COVID-19 surely lingering around the sidelines of the proceedings, the Senate installed Amy Coney Barrett in a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Easily the most unqualified member of the Court, she was sworn in at the White House by the most extreme sitting member of the Court, Clarence Thomas, instead of being sworn in at the Court by the chief justice. Gotta stick it to the libs with a big fascist display on Melania's hell house White House lawn, after all.

All Democrats voted against it, even the stinky ones like Joe Manchin. Doug Jones, who will probably lose his Alabama Senate seat in one week, voted against her, because he has principles. Dianne Feinstein, who praised Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham for how very nicely the confirmation hearings went, nonetheless voted against the nominee. So did Republican Senator Susan Collins, who for once decided to follow through on her convictions. Perhaps she knows she's going to lose next week too, and really didn't want "Installed Handmaid's Tale on Supreme Court" to be her last act as a sitting senator. Alaska's Lisa Murkowski had no such qualms, and she does not give a fuck about the rights you may lose because of Amy Coney Barrett's actions and her inability to separate her insane beliefs from her job.

They did it even though because Amy Coney Barrett believes Roe v. Wade is an abomination; even though because she has signaled that she'd like to steal healthcare from millions of people who rely on it through the Affordable Care Act; even though because she seems poised and willing to destroy marriage equality; and even though because she will be an important sixth vote against voting rights for anybody who doesn't look and think and fuck exactly the way she does.

They did it WHILE AMERICANS WERE LITERALLY STANDING IN LINE TO VOTE even though because they know that in one week, they're getting their asses handed to them, because the American people don't share their vile values, and because the American people are activated and pissed off. They did it even though because they don't believe in democracy, so if there's a chance for Barrett to screw the American people by ruling against them in election cases, by ruling that their votes shouldn't matter, then that's a Hail Mary they're willing to throw.

They did it even though because even if they do lose, it allows them to solidify unelected power over the third branch of the American government, and unless we do something about it, they might get to control our bodies and our livelihoods with their Taliban Jesus beliefs from beyond the grave. Amy Coney Barrett might be just 47, but the average age of the person who supports her confirmation is 967 and the average skin tone is called "Blinding KKK White."

They did it even though because they held up Merrick Garland's nomination and refused it advice and consent because it was an election year. Hypocrites? Hardly, because they never believed what they were saying about SCOTUS nominations being improper in election years in the first place. What they believe is that white Republican presidents are allowed to do whatever they want, even break the law, sell out the country to Russia, whatever, but that Democratic presidents, especially Black Democratic presidents, are inherently illegitimate usurpers to power.

They did it. They did not do it even though. They did it because.

And in one week, we the fucking people are going to do it, and we are going to do it because.

It starts with kicking their fucking asses from the school board all the way up to the presidency next Tuesday. And after that, assuming we all vote, once we hold the presidency and both houses of Congress, it continues with completely legal and constitutional Court reform that will make their heads spin. They think we're bluffing. We are not bluffing, and it's our job to make sure our Democratic senators in the new Congress stay as pissed off as we are, because democracy doesn't stop once you win an election. Expanding the Supreme Court to 13? Sure. Why not 25? We're sure we can find enough highly qualified Black lesbians to fill those new seats. Expanding lower courts Mitch McConnell and his illegitimately elected president Donald Trump stole from us? Let's do it.

Filibuster? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Fuck you.

Did you hear how Democratic Senator Chris Coons was talking on Rachel Maddow last night? He called it "rebalancing" the Courts instead of "packing" the Courts. Potato, po-tah-to. Sounds to us like a very moderate and even-keeled way of saying we're going to kick their fucking asses.

They won this battle. They did not win this war.

Seven days. Payback starts in seven days. WITH VOTES.

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