Tan, rested, ready - WonketteBrian Ross' crack team of Blotters has once again taken the Foley Story to the next level. He's not with the Scientology space monsters at all!

Former Rep. Mark Foley checked himself into the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center in Arizona two days after he resigned from Congress in disgrace, ABC News has learned.

Lawyers for Foley confirm he's been an inpatient at the facility since Oct. 1.

Actually, nobody found Foley. ABC News just got hold of a press release from Foley's lawyers (PDF) that says he's in the program until Halloween, please leave him alone, etc. He could still be anywhere on Earth, and is most likely following the Old 97's around the country.

Foley Checked into Pricey Arizona Rehab Center [The Blotter]

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