They Know He's Going To Lose

We've been saying it in the Wonkette secret chatcave for two weeks now: They know he's going to lose.

When Donald Trump made his pathetic declaration of fascism by waddling across the street to St. John's Church, with the police gassing innocent protesters (and a priest!) to make it safe for the Bunker Baby, as he hoisted the bible from Ivanka's MaxMara bag into the air, people were horrified. One of the people who should have been horrified, but who stayed disturbingly silent about it, was General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who along with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Attorney General NOT THE MAMA!, accompanied Trump on his waddle.

As Esper tried to walk back his participation in several ways, first telling reporters that he didn't know what Trump was about to do, and then the next morning telling reporters he absolutely did not support Trump using the Insurrection Act of 1807 to conscript the military into attacking the American people, Milley stayed silent. (And then Esper caved, what a weenus.)

As every former military leader, including Trump's own former Defense secretary Jim Mattis, condemned Trump's actions, Milley stayed silent.

Milley is no longer staying silent. He apologized this morning for his participation, saying in no uncertain terms that he should not have been there.

"I should not have been there," the Joint Chiefs chairman said in remarks to a National Defense University commencement ceremony. [...] "

My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics," Milley said. "As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from, and I sincerely hope we all can learn from it."

That is a big statement from the currently serving chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, even though it's obviously true.

They know he's going to lose.

Did We Mention They Know He's Going To Lose?

Everybody knows what Jim Mattis said about Trump, but remember that he's not the only former Trump administration official who's condemned Trump's actions, or refused to say they'd vote for Trump. Quitfired chief of staff and Homeland Security secretary John Kelly, also a former military man, stood by Mattis. In the New York Times this weekend, former DNI Dan Coats's longtime adviser Kevin Kellems said, "Ultimately [Coats] remains a loyal Republican but he believes the American people will decide on Nov. 3." Former acting DNI Joseph Maguire said in the same article, "Jim Mattis, Mike Mullen and Marty Dempsey are all good friends, and I respect them tremendously. I am in alignment with their views." (Admiral Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made his thoughts known last week in The Atlantic. General Martin Dempsey, also a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, also condemned Trump's actions.)

These are former Trump administration officials speaking out, and who won't say they're supporting the guy they worked for. How many more will there be before November?

They know he's going to lose.

Dunno How To Say This, But They Know He's Going To Lose

That same Times article was chock-full of quotes from Republicans who you'd think might at least pretend to make an effort if they planned on voting for Trump. Instead we learned that former president George W. Bush will not support Trump, and neither will Senator Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee. Senator Lisa Murkowski is "struggling" over it. Paul Ryan and John Boehner, the two Republicans who most recently were speakers of Nancy Pelosi's House, aren't jumping to endorse.

Former National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice didn't want to talk about it, on "Face The Nation."

And then there's Democratic Senator Chris Coons, who obviously wasn't voting for Trump, but who is known around the Senate for being a bit of a Republican whisperer:

Mr. Coons said a number of G.O.P. senators, regardless of their public comments, would ultimately not pull the lever for Mr. Trump in the privacy of the ballot booth.

"I've had five conversations with senators who tell me they are really struggling with supporting Trump," said Mr. Coons, who declined to give names.

Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill added, "It's easier to count the ones who are definitely voting for Trump."

They know he's going to lose.

If We We Were Going To Say Something About What They Know Right Now, It Is That He's Going To Lose

Shit, how many other highly respected former military officials have come out against Trump in the past two weeks? Steve Benen lists a few at the MaddowBlog:

Americans have heard related criticisms over the last week from Gen. Tony Thomas, retired four-star Marine Gen. John Allen, retired three-star Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, retired four-star Gen. Michael Hayden, retired Maj. Gen. Steven Lepper, retired four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey ...

And of course there is General Colin Powell and General Richard Myers and Admiral James Stavridis and General Raymond A. Thomas, and on yeah, Admiral William McRaven, the guy who literally killed Bin Laden, who has spoken out against Trumpbigly in the past. Back to that Times article:

"This fall, it's time for new leadership in this country — Republican, Democrat or independent," said William H. McRaven, the retired Navy admiral who directed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. "President Trump has shown he doesn't have the qualities necessary to be a good commander in chief."

Eighty-nine former Defense officials, including 4 former defense secretariescondemned Trump's fascist Bible photo op in the Washington Post.

They know he's going to lose. And we're pretty sure they want that to happen, not that we want to put words in anybody's mouth who hasn't said it yet.

They'll say it before long anyway.

What Do They Know? Oh, Just That He's Going To Lose.

The Marines are going ahead and banning the Confederate flag, and so is the Navy. and the military is totally putting plans in place to rename bases named after Confederate generals, even though Dear Leader has expressed sore displeasure and opposition and has HEREBY ORDERED them not to do that. The Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, is moving on the issue too:

We can't put our finger on it, but we think they know something.

(It is that he is going to lose.)


UPDATE LATE BREAKING GABE SHERMAN NEWS! Now you might think that the news that Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt are allegedly boning (COVID SEX TIPS HERE, YOU CRAZY KIDS) might have zero to do with this blog post, but it's relevant, because A) gross and B) also included in that news scoop is this:
As Donald Trump's poll numbers slide, Hannity's and Earhardt's loyalty is increasingly valuable, especially since, at the corporate level, confidence in Trump is waning. Two sources said Rupert Murdoch has recently told people that he believes Trump is going to lose in November. "Rupert thinks Trump is going to crash and burn. It's a clear-eyed assessment, just based on just looking at the news," said a person who has spoken with Murdoch about the election.

Rupert Murdoch knows Trump is going to lose. Because everybody knows it, except for apparently total idiots at Fox News who are reportedly boning but are still not willing to say that out loud, ALLEGEDLY.

This has been a blog post about how everybody knows Trump is going to lose. Sorry Sean Hannity's dick got in it.

[Washington Post]

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