They Made Their Large Age Gap Work! Tabs, Wed., July 14, 2021

They Made Their Large Age Gap Work! Tabs, Wed., July 14, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

No more vaccine outreach for Tennessee teenagers. No, not COVID vaccine outreach, any vaccine outreach. Say hello to my little friend, polio. — Tennessean

The 1/6 insurrection never happened. You'll be shocked how much it never happened. — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

Joe Biden isn't boring just because he's not a seething lunatic who can start one sentence about how many times he has to flush his giant Big Mac turds and finish it four hours later. — Dan Pfeiffer substack

Go to prison, dude who bribed Paul Manafort with $16 million in shitty "loans" to try to buy for himself the position of secretary of the Army. Go so fast to prison.

[Stephen] Calk's defense team argued that Calk was plenty qualified as a former army reserve soldier and career banker to realistically pursue positions in the administration.

LOL Army reservist Stephen Calk who wanted to be Army secretary LOL. — CNN

The Supreme Court's war on Congress. "You and what army?" — Andrew Jackson, if Andrew Jackson were in Congress instead of the shittiest president ever even worse than Trump. (The New Republic)

Sad, Trump v GRR MAD at Brett Kavanaugh, sad. (Axios)

Oh, Brett Kavanaugh? Yeah, back when he worked for Independent Counsel Ken Starr sniffing Bill Clinton's panties, he freeeeeaked out on one of his colleagues, who recollects it at Medium while explaining what a piece of shit she belatedly realized Ken Starr is, and oh by the way she and Ken Starr had an affair. Oh, I almost tripped a mine with that subterranean LEDE! — Judi Hershman at Medium

Oh, Ken Starr? Yeah, according to Julie Brown's new book, he went scorched earth for his client Jeffrey Epstein. (Guardian)

FLASHBACK! When Ken Starr pushed for a lighter sentence for a child molester, not Jeffrey Epstein, a different one. — Waco Tribune

Nobody tell Betsy DeVos, the bears have arms. (Backpacker)

Cintra Wilson, my hero, broke a $250,000 Art with her ass. Fuckin' Cintra. (Cintra substack)

I have some rich friends who love to take me out to dinner and whenever something is ridiculously outlandish and expensive — like say an extra $20 to cook our steak on a SALT PLATE — we all decide, well, we think we should try that. I am not interested in anything covered in gold, or these stupid world's most expensive French fries. They sound dumb and wanking motion. — Food and Wine

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