They Shouldn't Have! 45 Times Pets Brought Their Humans Presents! Tabs, Wed., July 20, 2022

They Shouldn't Have! 45 Times Pets Brought Their Humans Presents! Tabs, Wed., July 20, 2022

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Hey ya'll remember this lady from last week? Because it was really something! Still, I didn't know this!

During a House hearing on abortion rights last week, Catherine Glenn Foster of Americans United for Life, a woman who previously falsely claimed D.C. powers it street lamps by burning fetuses, once again illustrated the total shamelessness anti-choicers apply to the art of lying. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., brought up the recent case of a 10-year-old rape victim who was forced to get an abortion in Indiana because her home state of Ohio had banned the procedure. Boxed out of the previous move by Republicans to gaslight their way out of this one — falsely claiming this didn't happen — Foster pivoted to denying that abortion is abortion. Acknowledging that forcing childbirth on a child rape victim would "probably impact her life," (probably?!) Foster, with a glibness that you really need to watch the video to absorb, lied and said it "would not be an abortion."

That part about the street lights, that is what's special. The rest of it is everything we expect, and Amanda Marcotte has more. (Salon)

American journalism and Glenn Kessler aren't ready for the pregnant 10-year-olds. They better get ready. — Nieman Lab

How far did you get into this Thom Hartmann column about the history of women's "rights" in America — and Republicans coming for us right now — before you threw your laptop across the room? Mine was "not very many"! And also! The Walgreens clerk who wouldn't sell condoms to this married couple, and how it's been 50 years of billionaires wanting tax cuts that made it possible.

Some Republicans did a report showing that Donald Trump actually lost the election. Bless their hearts, they tried. — Report

What's your paragraph in this impressive report about the impressive Republican's impressive election loss? (Liz's delightful column on same here yesterday!) Mine is this one:

The complaint includes a lengthy exhibit authored by Edward Solomon, an “expert mathematician” who previously claimed to have found evidence of the 2020 election being rigged via algorithm. Independent fact-checkers have debunked many of Solomon’s claims as showing “a basic misunderstanding of how vote counts work,” and his credentials were challenged by voting machine company Dominion in a lawsuit that claimed he was a “convicted drug dealer who never graduated college and whose current job was setting up swing sets in Long Island, New York.”

Nevada Independent

I have been on a date with a Black man when the waiter treated him exactly like this. Complained to the manager and he just smirked at us. It was really fucking dehumanizing, and my date, unlike this man, actually got served food. (La Jolla Light)

Not to brag, but I have never ever ever been a perfectionist: Good enough is good enough. You're welcome! — Vox

It's stupid, but it's cute. The pets one from the headline. (Funcatz)

RIP Thomas, the blind, bi, poly 40-year-old New Zealand goose. (This is not a euphemism.) — Indy500

This guy thought the problem with Scientology was the people, and not "Scientology." So I beg his pardon, but "OKAY." (Tony Ortega)

Detroit, you wanna meet the Squad this Sunday? I do, I already bought tickets! — Metro Times

OH MY LORD, your friends in Portland, Oregon, are hosting YOU this Sunday to MAKE YOUR OWN BLOODY MARY!

Portland OR

Sunday July 24, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Peninsula Park - Look for the flags.

This year we’re permitted for booze so we’ll be hosting a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

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