This week, you numbskulls spotted Patrick McHenry, Scooter Libby, Tim Russert, Doc Rivers, Matthew Lesko, Tom Feeney, Dave Chappelle, John Bolton, and Condi Rice skulking around DC (and elsewhere). Your amazing stories, after the jump.



Delighted to appear in your esteemed column as having been sighted in Washington on July 13th, but as I was in Athens that day (Greece, not even Georgia) it seems you've a bit more Googling to do. Maybe there's an impersonator about, which may explain why he scurried off when you stared a tad.

Thanks for thinking of me, at any rate...

Bill Emmott

We apologize and reiterate that all sightings are authored by anonymous readers, unverified, and mostly unedited. We rejoin Wonk'd, already in progress.

See someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd" or "Sighting."

* Saw Patrick McHenry at Cap City Brewery. Was dining with a married woman and is even shorter in person than he looks on tv...

* Just passed Scooter Libby walking on K Street NW near 16th Street. I, much like a previous Wonk'd operative, felt the urge to "cuff 'em" but as he was passing me I was accosted by a Falun Gong follower peddling brochures. Perhaps this is Scooter's security detail strategy.

* Sunday, 7/22 around 5:30 p.m., saw NBC Washington grand whoozit and pie-faced raconteur, Tim Russert, ambling down Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park. He went into Rocklands Barbeque and made a bee-line for the register to order some ribs. And by "some," I mean six full racks.

* I pop into the Georgetown Safeway on Sunday (7/22) and find myself standing in front of Boston Celtics head coach and former Marquette Warrior Doc Rivers. After I introduced myself as a fellow M.U. Grad (Class of '91) Doc smiled, shook my hand, and said, "Good to hear! Nice to meet you." He then gestured to his college-aged son and said, "I'm here taking care of the Georgetown part of the family." He said "Georgetown" with mock distain, given the Big East rivalry and all.

* Saw that late night TV guy with the question marks all over his suit walking into the Connecticut and N Starbucks on 7/25. Don't know what the Riddler ordered though or if he used some of the free government money to pay for it.

* Congressman feeney spotted at the John Mayer concert!

* Just spotted the seemingly ubiquitous Dave Chappelle at the M Street entrance to Sea Catch. T-shirt and jeans, having a smoke and being very gracious to a couple of fans. And yes, he actually did look kind of exhausted.

* Saw John Bolton yesterday (7.25.07) walking west on 57th Street in NYC. Did my civic duty and loudly addressed him as an asshole as we passed each other on the sidewalk.

* Highlights of a Thursday night meal at CityZen: the cheese plate and Madam Secretary herself, Condi Rice. The Secretary and her small party dined in a private aread behind a partition while a trio of Secret Service agents enjoyed amuses bouche in the main dining area. No word on whether or not The American People picked up what had to have been a pretty hefty check. Small town the District is, one guy at least professed to know the Cabinet diva as she walked by, getting himself and his dining companion a friendly handshake before Secretary Rice moved along and tried to exit through the bar. When the Secret Service agent corrected her course, she said "damn, where were you in '03 when we were barreling into Iraq?" Okay, that didn't happen. Truth be told, however, Condi in person has a star quality about her that, paired with her great style - no Matrix boots tonight, but a sharp white frock with black embroidered Asian frog-style buttons and black skirt did the trick - really helps you forget for a moment her utterly shameless complicity in running this country into a total fucking ditch.


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