'They're Never Mean To Me At Fox News!'

Um, that pulpit says LBJ ... - WonketteBill Kristol took his act to Texas yesterday and the mob nearly tore him to bits.

Seems the University of Texas in Austin is a hotbed of seething Texans who think it's a little too convenient that the "new Pearl Harbor" that Kristol's neo-con group wanted so badly actually happened once Bush was in office. What should've been another boring Kristol speech "turned hostile Tuesday when students began hurling insults at Kristol, alleging his and the U.S. government's complicity in the Sept. 11 attacks," says the Daily Texan student paper.

A reporter from famed Austin hellraiser Alex Jones' show was actually hauled off by the cops for the apparent Texas crime of interrupting a neo-con speech. Then the paper made the mistake of describing Jones as "liberal," but his fans harassed the paper until it corrected the story online.

Protests, insults disrupt Kristol 9/11 speech [Daily Texan]


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