There's a public radio show that enjoys making fun of religion and specifically the various real and fake Jesus religions, apparently. And the producers of the "Fair Game" program are in big trouble today, sort of, because of a fun-filled sketch that mocked the whole communion ritual and Baptist preacher/GOP star Mike Huckabee -- who used to be so fat and is from the South where almost everyone is so fat. It sounds like comedy gold ... and yet some people took offense.

Here's the relevant part of the wacky radio sketch, as transcribed by an angry person at the Catholic League:

[Woman's voice]: And now another Huckabee family recipe leaked by his opponents.

[Male Voice]: Tired of bland unsatisfying Eucharists? Try this Huckabee family favorite. Deep-Fried Body of Christ -- boring holy wafers no more. Take one Eucharist. Preferably post transubstantiation. Deep-fry in fat, not vegetable oil, ladies, until crispy. Serve piping hot. Mike likes to top his Christ with whipped cream and sprinkles. But his wife Janet and the boys like theirs with heavy gravy and cream puffs. It goes great with red wine.

[Woman's voice]: Now that is just ridiculous. Everyone knows evangelicals don't believe in transubstantiation.

Ha ha, fat people! What won't they eat?

Anyway, this is apparently a big deal because there are very serious crazy people who don't want you to say the wrong thing about how you put a cracker in your mouth and it turns into a little little Jesus, and if that gets stuck in your throat just drink his blood because, hey, vampires!

Also, Baptists don't do this whole ritual, do they? Maybe they do! (WikiPedia's a good source for this, right?)

Everyone is very sorry they said anything at all.

(UPDATED because this post originally blamed Utah for the show, when it is obviously produced in New York City with this lovely host. People in Utah complained about the Christian blasphemy, for some reason.)

Public radio, Huck and the Eucharist [Get Religion]


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