Things Everyone Just Ignores In Love Actually! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 9, 2021

Things Everyone Just Ignores In Love Actually! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 9, 2021

10 Things You Didn't Know Were in Build Back Better. No you didn't either! Good listicle from CNN, better late than never!

LOL now the cancer doctors are lying about Build Back Better, saying that negotiating drug prices will close all the cancer clinics and you will die of cancer in the streets, because apparently cancer clinics had been able, they claim, to add a hefty 45 percent of their income just as a tip for giving Cancer Drug, and if they can't gouge some dying people, what use is it being Cancer Doctor at all? (Kaiser Health News)

Hey, you know how when you're talking about systemic racism that is actually legally embedded in our society, a really big part of that is the history of redlining, real estate, cutting minority neighborhoods in half or demolishing them for freeways, institutional refusal to invest in minority housing stock backed by the force of law, and even now, like literally today, "I had my white friend pretend to be me and took down all the pictures of my Black family and my home reappraisal came back half a million dollars higher"? Well, the National Association of Realtors is donating to some folks who would very much like to make it illegal for a teacher to teach that history and that current event in your local elementary, high school or even college :) — Popular Info

That couple's racist-appraisal lawsuit, by the way. (Lawsuit)

SER wrote about that pathetic whine of an Axios poll yesterday ("waaaah Democrats don't want to fuck us just because we don't think they have human rights waaah"); here's Amanda Marcotte's take. (Salon) And old Andi Zeisler from the last time they were whining we wouldn't fuck them, and maybe they should redistribute all our vaginas. (Think)

Hey look, it's my new boyfriend,!

I found your site by typing in Governor Whitmer is a piece of shit, which she is. A subhuman pig like yourself that spews out communist nazi propaganda in a guise of women's rights and caring about humanity. Bullshit women pushing bullshit women's rights.

Hah!! Women have ruled the household since the 40's, my mother was the boss in my family and she said she'd never join a women's movement. That would be admitting you're lower then men!! How stupid and ignorant these women are, she'd say and the bullshit women's lib lieing movement in the 60s was a communist movement to destroy America.

Women power! What a joke. Most women these days are brainwashed pathetic commie nazi left wing liberal pigs like yourself. It must be your piece of shit subhuman parents that raised you to be a piece of shit like themselves. You will all rot. I condemn you all to the abyss of hell for all eternity and I put mirrors around you to send your evil back into you to destroy you. In the name of Jesus Christ, so be it, or is done! Amen! Aho!

Callyson wins.

Dude went undercover with QAnon dorks for a full year and all he learned is OMG THEY ARE SO DULLLLLL. — Junkee

House Progressives all FUK YEH on a four-day workweek, like Wonkette has! Except Wonkette's four-day workweek is "four slightly longer days, with a couple good breaks except for Rebecca who does not get breaks" and not "32 hours a week," THIS IS NOT ECOTOPIA DUDES, 40 HOURS WON'T ACTUALLY KILL YOU OR THE WORLD. — Business Insider

Is Hillary Clinton trying to kill me? IS SHE???? "Hillary Clinton Reads Part of the Victory Speech She Hoped to Deliver in 2016." GAH, TODAY OH I AM FOR SLAIN.

Remember Hillary Clinton's Javits Center Election Night glass ceiling? SIGH. Well now it is a Javits Center dirt and sprouts ceiling YAY I LOVE ROOF FARMS. — Civil Eats

Oh well huh.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that whether or not there are Black farmers in America could depend on this case,” said Mark Rosenbaum, an attorney for pro bono law firm Public Counsel who is representing the Federation of Southern Cooperatives in a new attempt to affect the outcome of Miller.

Civil Eats

Everywhereist had a meal. Scratch that, she most assuredly did not.

“These are made with rancid ricotta,” the server said, a tiny fried cheese ball in front of each of us.

“I’m… I’m sorry, did you say rancid? You mean… fermented? Aged?”

“No. Rancid.”

“Okay,” I said in Italian. “But I think that something might be lost in translation. Because it can’t be-”

“Rancido,” he clarified.


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