• Hillary's numbers are dropping the closer voting gets. That obviously means she's doomed. [Wizbang Politics]

  • Don't like your new adopted child? Send it back! [Michelle Malkin]

  • Iowa likes underdogs, because, you know, who the fuck wants to live in Iowa. [Political Wire]

  • Kansas AG aborted his way right out of a job. [WorldNet Daily]

  • Fred Thompson either has highly postmodern feminist views or, you know, just appreciates a hot piece of ass. [Election Central]

  • Everybody's jumping on the Hey-We-Can-Let-One-Silly-Rape-Slide bandwagon. [Blotter]

  • Hey Congress, remember that time you just went ahead and confirmed Bush's AG pick all willy-nilly even though you could have easily demanded someone else? Nicely done. [Raw Story]

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