Think Trump Supporters Are Stupid And Racist? Haha, Well You're Not Wrong!

These fucking people.

Time to read a poll and weep for America! Don't worry, according to the new poll from Public Policy Polling, Trump's approval rating is still in a swamp of his own self-created shit, and it's likely to remain that way. Solid majorities of Americans know Trump is a liar who has not Made America Great Again, they trust the New York Times more than they trust him, and they think he should resign if/when it's proven that his campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election. And hooray, 86% of Americans still think the Statue of Liberty is cool, whereas 3% are like "No, eff that lady" and 10% DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH TO FORM AN OPINION.

Speaking of Trump supporters! We keep learning awful and disgusting things about these Americans who have been living among us THIS WHOLE TIME, the weird, unevolved species known as the "Trump voter." This person may be in front of you in the McDonald's drive-thru right now, wasting your time because they gotta look at the menu for 30 minutes because they ain't sure which sauce Mee-Maw would prefer with her McNuggets. They might be sitting next to you in the waiting room at the urgent care, due to how they managed to discharge their gun while putting on pants. They are the people the warning on the frozen pizza about how you have to take it out of the box and cook it before eating is intended for.

The point is they are AMONG US and nobody is safe. They are not even safe from themselves! Wonkette would like to request the U.S. government to issue complimentary helmets and elbow pads to all the Trump voters who answered the following questions in the stupid, racist way:

  • Should Trump still get to be president if it's proven he worked with Russia to steal the election? 72% of Trump supporters say YES. (So do 44% of Jill Stein voters. Impressive group of people right there.)
  • Which race is the most oppressed in America? 45% of Trump supporters say DUMB CRACKERS like themselves.
  • Which religion is discriminated against most? 54% of Trump supporters say it is CHRISTIANS, who make up over 70% of the American population.
  • Is it possible for neo-Nazis or white supremacists to be "very fine people," as Trump claimed? 22% of them say ABSO-DAMN-LUTELY, while 24% are like *SHRUGGIE EMOTICON*. That leaves a solid 54% who are brave enough to say they definitely think Nazis are bad.
  • Was Confederate traitor loser Robert E. Lee a cool guy? Turns out 61% of Trump supporters would be willing to have a beer with him!
  • Who should be president of America, Barack Obama or dead loser racist Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America? 45% of Trumpers are ready to pull the lever for Davis, 35% are undecided voters, and only 20% are able to affirmatively say, OK fine, I will deal with four more years of the black guy in that scenario. To be entirely fair to Trump people, a lot of those undecideds are probably too uneducated to know who the hell Jefferson Davis was. (Hahaha, we were just "fair" to Trump people by pointing out how dumb they are.)

We will leave you with ONE hopeful nugget from this poll, and it's that only 68% of Trump's 2016 voters can definitively say Trump should be the GOP nominee in 2020. So that election season is going to be fun!

Otherwise, holy shit, these people. What the fuck is wrong with them?

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[Public Policy Polling]

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