Thinkers Ring In the New Year With No Original Thoughts

    Tuesday, January 5: Being poor in 2010? Definitely worse than being poor in 2009, because now we have absolutely no money to fund safety-net programs that provide important things like food and shelter, at least according to the Urban Institute. Here's to a prosperous/homeless 2010! [Urban Institute]

  • Wednesday, January 6: Attempting to be new and original in 2010, the Brookings Institution is starting off the new decade by ... assessing the Obama administration. [Brookings Institution]
  • Wednesday, January 6: Spraying long-acting poisonous toxins to kill people -- like we did in Vietnam and are doing in Iraq -- seems to kill them and us. Oops. The New American Foundation looks at the lingering effects of the toxin, Agent Orange. [New America Foundation]
  • Wednesday, January 7: Now that church and state are supposedly separated, at least when it comes to science, we can play with stem cells all we want! The Center for American Progress looks at Progressive bioethics and comes to the conclusion that even Progressive stem cells are better than Conservatives. [Center for American Progress]

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