Thinkers Contemplate the Future of Conservatives, Unions, and Cell Phone Service

Thinkers Contemplate the Future of Conservatives, Unions, and Cell Phone Service
  • Tuesday, March 30: It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Heritage Foundation has created a lecture series in honor of the terrible bigot Jesse Helms, and it really shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone that the inaugural lecture is all about how Obama is ... ruining America. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Wednesday, March 31: Considering the future of conservatives is Sarah Palin and her band of bloodthirsty teabaggers, rethinking what it means to be a Conservative might not be a bad idea. Leave it to the Progressives to take up this worthwhile endeavor, as CAP is hosting an event on the subject this Wednesday evening at Busboys and Poets. [Center for American Progress]
  • Wednesday, March 31: The New American Foundation sat down for a meal with Al Qaeda, and discovered that the Middle East is a very dynamic cultural center that differs across regions. The more you know. [New American Foundation]
  • Wednesday, March 31: Health care reform showed us that, holy crap, unions have a great deal of power in U.S. politics, and no surprise here, Cato wants to know if unions are good for America or, by only looking out for their members, are in fact ruining our fine country. [Cato Institute]
  • Friday, April 2: Have no fear, the most pressing political issue of our time -- what to do about dropped cell phone calls -- will be addressed this Friday at an event hosted by the New American Foundation in conjunction with Slate Magazine. [New American Foundation]

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