Thinkers Contemplate The Things They Love: John Yoo, Terrorism, And War

Thinkers Contemplate The Things They Love: John Yoo, Terrorism, And War

Wednesday, March 10: Yes, someone watched you as you walked to work today. In fact, someone watches you every day, everywhere you go, because this is America, where 9/11 happened, so we'll never forget what you're wearing, where you're going and who you're talking to. This, as the Cato Institute explains, is the mentality consuming everyone, even the dirty, America-hating libruls. [Cato Institute]

  • Wednesday, March 10: What's the best way to find a terrorist? Well, it depends on whether you like John Yoo, or prefer to play nicely. The New America Foundation asks if it's possible to talk someone out of being crazy, while the Center for American Progress plainly asks when the hell Yoo will be held accountable for making torture an American pastime. [New American Foundation,Center for American Progress]
  • Wednesday, March 10: A long, long time ago when the President was in Cairo, he promised something that sounded a lot like there would be peace in the Middle East real soon. 8 months later, the Brookings Institution looks at Iran and its nuclear weapons and the fact that Israelis and Palestinians still hate each other, and asks if the President's Middle East strategy is anything more than just empty rhetoric? [Brookings Institution]
  • Wednesday, March 10: It turns out that we grow terrorists right here in America?! Who knew that¬†dissatisfaction with US policies and crazy people also exist in the US? What happens next? Aside from an increase in domestic terrorism, we also get a discussion all about it from CSIS. [CSIS]
  • Friday, March 12: Remember that time when war, not massive, deadly earthquakes, was the thing happening outside America that we were all interested in? Well, we are at war, and CSIS wants you to remember this, AND they want you to know just how the Afghan people feel about the situation: turns out that they just love it! [CSIS]

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