Thinkers Forget About The Vets But Remeber The Fall

Monday, November 9: It's the JDate event of the century: a discussion at the Hudson Institute about why all Jews are liberals! Learn why the Jews worship Obama (hint: it's not because he's black). [Hudson Institute]

  • Monday, November 9: John McCain is going to explain "Why freedom still matters." We didn't know there were doubts about the viability of freedom in the first place. [SAIS]
  • Monday, November 9: Not man, not military might, oh no, it was Jesus (with the help of the god-like Ronald Reagan) who unified Germany.  Newt Gingrich explains why the fall of the Berlin Wall was in fact a "victory of the cross" (and Ronald Reagan). [AEI]
  • Tuesday, November 10: Follow along: Progressives are bad because they "awkwardly" include the common man AND elites in their ranks, whereas conservatives are superior because they only include elites.  Such is the gospel from AEI. [AEI]
  • Thursday, November 12: The government is so powerful that not only can it create color-coordinated jobs, but it can also bring a whole new economy to middle America. In one day. Bring it. [New America Foundation]

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