Thinkers Remind Us All Of Our Failures


Wednesday, January 13: Bush administration Torture Czar John Yoo, who spends his days perfecting his water-boarding skills, will explain why he had EVERY RIGHT to add torture and other fabulous features to the American government at an event Wednesday at AEI. [AEI]

  • Wednesday, January 13: Remember that time we made insane amounts of progress on climate change? It is really cold outside after all. CSIS is hosting a Post-Copenhagen discussion, where they will remind us of all the great things that failed to happen during those super important negotiations. [CSIS]
  • Thursday, January 14: The Internet: means to raise money for campaigns and, added bonus, way to circumvent all those pesky little campaign finance laws! The Brookings Institution explains how the internet is the tool for campaigns to raise money. [Brookings Institution]
  • Thursday, January 14: Without money, there is no future for America's children. But we have no money for things our children need, making investing in the next generation very, very difficult. The Urban Institute┬áto the rescue! They discuss how we can find some monies for the kiddies so that they can live happy, prosperous lives. [Urban Institute]
  • Friday, January 15: What's it like to grow up in the Palestinian territories? We imagine it's like being on the The Real World DC, only with slightly fewer gay hook-ups. The Brookings Institution looks at youth in the Palestinian territories one year after the conflict in Gaza. [Brookings Institution]

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