Thinkers Reminisce About Torture, Fun Little Topic That It Is


Tuesday, March 2: Who loves war? Why the Heritage Foundation, that's who! And according to them, declaring war can be simple and fun: If a country thinks evil things about the US, why, they've declared war, and we must immediately fight them to the death (and maybe somewhere in there figure out how to win, because that's probably a good idea too). [Heritage Foundation]

  • Wednesday, March 3: We tortured people, which presumably is not something you boast about, but then they released a bunch of documents detailing the alleged abuses, and someone thought it would be a great idea to have comedians and US Representatives read these documents out loud, as part of a show, for fun! It is called The Producers, On Ice, In 3D. [Georgetown Law]
  • Thursday, March 4: Growing up is so hard. The Urban Institute explores old people and looks at what they call "the second awkward stage" -- that stage when old folks don't quite qualify for Social Security and Medicare so they can't quite drop dead or quit their jobs yet. [Urban Institute]
  • Thursday, March 4: In a 'whodunit' approach to solving our job loss issues, the New America Foundation wants to know who is responsible for this whole unemployment fiasco. Survey says: weak anti-trust laws, President Bush, unicorns, and puppies. [New America Foundation]

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