Thinkers Urge Preemptive War While Liberating The Human Body


Tuesday, January 19: The Cato Institute wants to buy all your bone marrow. It's a renewable resource, after all, and in America we care about such things, and the market should just regulate your cells anyway. The time to liberate bone marrow is now. [Cato Institute]

  • Wednesday, January 20: China's bad behavior on the Internets has made everyone very upset, because no one likes a censor and soon Google may no longer share its password with China. The New America Foundation looks at Internet freedom amongst those who do not like Internet porn freedom. [New American Foundation]
  • Thursday, January 21: CSIS wants to only put women on the front lines because women are very pretty and Al Qaeda does not kill pretty people? [CSIS]
  • Thursday, January 21: That full-scale underfunded War on Yemen we're all looking forward to? The Brookings Institution thinks it may be here before we know it! Preemptive War on Terror, supported by your local think tank. [Brookings Institution]
  • Friday, January 22: Because Europe has maybe not established itself as the most perfect of all the multi-state nations, the New American Foundation wonders if colonization is a viable option. [New America Foundation]

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