Thinking In DC Has Come To Halt

Thinking In DC Has Come To Halt

Thinking in the heat must be bad for you because every major think tank  seems to be MIA this week. Can you get Palinized for thinking?

  • Tuesday, August 18: Somehow this story has yet to get old: federal government equals bad, state government equal AMAZING. Although conservatives pick and choose when to apply this logic, the Heritage Foundation is using it to justify their newest crusade against federal intervention in local disaster relief efforts.  This is what we get when they're the only ones in DC thinking. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Wednesday, August 19: At least the Brookings Institute is doing something ... On Wednesday, they're hosting a webcast about the August recess. It's a timely and informative event about the challenges to passing health care reform and reducing greenhouse gases. Can't be that hard to think in August, but we commend them for their attempt to engage, even if it is only over the internets. [Brookings Institute]
  • Wednesday, August 19: And now for some real thinking! The Middle East Institute is hosting an event about economic development in Pakistan and the challenges the country faces. It may be super dry, but at least some thinkers are aware that even in August the world goes on. [The Middle East Institute]
  • Thursday, August 20: Photos! Look at pretty photos of all the trouble the Czechoslovakian secret police caused in Prague in the 1970s after a bunch of communist fun went down. Yes, looking at pictures pretty much sums up all the thinking happening in the District right now. [Woodrow Wilson Center]

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