Texas Asshole Wants To Share Good News About ‘Mostly Elderly & Hispanics’ Dying From COVID-19

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Texas Asshole Wants To Share Good News About ‘Mostly Elderly & Hispanics’ Dying From COVID-19

The Texas Department of State Health Services released more comprehensive data about the state's COVID-19 deaths, and it's depressing and shameful. Before Monday, there were significant gaps in the state's racial and ethnic breakdowns of deaths, but now we know that Hispanic residents are disproportionate victims of COVID-19. They are 40 percent of the population but make up 47 percent of total deaths.

This is terrible news — unless you're a racist monster like Vance Ginn, who sees nothing but upsides. The chief economist for the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted this data with a twisted joie de vivre you don't see often see among the human soul having.


I don't know how often we have to tell these dummies that opening schools would potentially result in more kids dying, as well as the “vulnerable" people Ginn pretends to give a damn about. (Also: I think Hispanic people also have kids.) Gov. Greg Abbott finally mandated on July 2 that Texans in most counties wear masks, like he'd just discovered science. Ginn wants to ditch that basic preventative measure and sends kids back to school because apparently not enough people have died.

This sociopath thinks he's making such a great point that he follows up his tweet with a Prince Harry mic drop gif. How dare he bring Meghan Markle's bae into this! The “boom" comes from an adorable 2016 spot promoting the Invictus Games. Harry and the freaking Queen of England share a playful exchange with our last real president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Invictus Games 2016 fighting talkwww.youtube.com

The Invictus Games are an international adaptive sports competition Prince Harry launched in 2014 for wounded service people and veterans. It's not about owning the libs or abandoning the sick to their fates.

Ginn apologized for the gif like a white man who never apologizes for shit. He only conceded that his gif was “perceived as insensitive," rather than admitting that it was. He accuses others of “bad faith" for taking his gloating tweet “out of context."

GINN: What we're really focused in on is, "How can we best make sure that Texans are taken care of during this time?"

It doesn't seem as if Ginn is “really focused" on taking care of all Texans when he can't be bothered to wear a damn mask. It's the absolute least someone can do during this pandemic. It's not like you lose a kidney or random body organ every time you put one on. Conservatives keep acting like COVID-19 masks are the same as the creepy voodoo ones from The Twilight Zone that disfigure you for life. Besides which, Ginn's tweet says Texas's peak was all of two weeks ago, by their accounting. (This projection shows no such thing.) Can he literally not remember back to April, when there was another "peak" so that obviously meant COVID-19 was over and done? They can't wear masks for four weeks? Or three?

Ginn later removed the tweet and wrote this garbage: "I believe strongly based on my deep faith that every life is precious. My intent was to highlight the positive development of more data available to make better policy decisions and help the vulnerable."

He'll forgive us if we're skeptical of his interest in helping the vulnerable. His original tweet, where he used words that are in English, said “target the vulnerable." Target is not a synonym for “help," and “check those from Mexico" doesn't sound like a wellness check.

According to data from the Texas Education Agency, almost 53 percent of public school students were Hispanic in 2018 and 2019. Hispanic people are more likely than white people to live in multigenerational households. It's not entirely an economic issue, either. Hispanics are reportedly more likely to have a positive experience caring for an elderly relative. (Only three percent of Fox News's audience is Hispanic. Not saying there's a direct connection. Just putting that out there.)

Hispanics are also the backbone of the Texas economy, especially as the white population shrinks. They are on the front lines of this pandemic, working in the restaurants and businesses that conservatives like Ginn want open so they can pretend life is normal.

But all that really matters is that Hispanic Texans are human beings and don't deserve for some crawling piece of slime to dismiss their suffering. Whether he covers his mouth with a mask or not, Ginn needs to shut the fuck up.

[Texas Tribune]

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