This Couple Rebuilt Their Home To Be A Stunning Self-Sustaining Eco-Friendly Haven! Tabs, Wed., March 8, 2023

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Mitch McConnell did not care for Tucker Carlson's home movie, "A January Six Christmas." (Politico) Look at this AP hed! LOOK AT IT! They are rocking all of a sudden, I do not know what is up. (AP)

Missouri all like "you cannot try to take wifebeaters' guns away." Court all like "yuh huh." (But not the Supreme Court, obviously.) — Decision

President Joe Biden: Can he get Americans to notice all the shit he is doing and has done? May be! (Chris Lehmann at The Nation)

Eli Lilly's insulin price cut and North Carolina FINALLY expanding Medicaid can both be credited to Joe's American Rescue Plan. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Hey, is it a coincidence that Georgia has moved to be able to oust locally elected prosecutors if other prosecutors don't like what they are up to? What does Fulton County DA Fani Willis, on the cusp of indicting Donald Trump, think? — Liz at Above the Law

Oh man, the House's "Holman rule" suuuuuuuucks, and it sounds like we're in for another world of hurt. (Talking Points Memo)

Get ready for your six-week abortion ban, Florida. — HuffPost

And don't use the internet to talk about ANY of it, or look up abortion pills, or do anything at all, apparently. (Insider)

A history deep dive on Selma's Bloody Sunday, and all the civil rights activists the Klan and cops murdered even before they beat holy hell out of John Lewis at the Edmund Pettis Bridge. Read it if you didn't know it (like me) already. — Heather Cox Richardson substack

How white parents in particular are seduced into oppressing others to privilege our own kids. A thoughtful post full of love and questions. (The White Pages)

The world's first trans clinic: It'd be a century old now if the Actual Nazis, like the ones under Hitler, hadn't burned it to the ground. — Scientific American

There's always like one Republican (in West Virginia's case, two!) who is all, wait now, these anti-trans bills are bad for children and bad for parents' rights! Unfortunately, they can't get their fellow Republican legislators to listen to them. (WV Metro News)

A good interview by Alex Wagner with bright, knowledgeable kids from Florida's New College, and oh you sure can see why Ron DeSantis haaaaate it. — MSNBC

The Right's been attacking Pope Francis for 10 years. He just keeps doing his "Marxist" thing, and Rush Limbaugh is still dead. — National Catholic Reporter

Be ready to be horrified, disgusted, and outraged, all at once, in this explainer of Medicaid "estate recovery" — when Mom won't go to the doctor because she's afraid the state might seize her house. (Rep. Jan Schakowsky offered a bill to outlaw it last year. Better luck for us all next session.) — Defector

There is no way I cannot share with you this perfect headline, Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny, from the equally beautifully titled digital magazine on sci fi, horror, and capitalism, Blood Knife. And the essay is just as good as the title, if not, impossibly, better.

I love you, vertical gardens. (ArchitectureArtDesigns)

I love you, self-sustaining eco-friendly heaven! — Green Matters

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