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Good morning, Wonkers! I got a promotional email letting me know that

Rario, the cricket-based non-fungible token (NFT) platform, has integrated with Ethereum scaling solution Polygon, and is announcing its partnership with Polygon Studios. Rario will leverage Polygon's extensive NFT expertise to help cultivate fan engagement and capture the interest of over 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide. [Links removed because I am a meanie]

The email goes on to promise that the service "enables cricket fans to collect and trade some of the most iconic and officially licensed cricket moments — forever ingrained in the blockchain and represented as non-fungible tokens (NFT)." But now I've gone and deleted it, because I finally figured out it had nothing to do with little musical grasshoppers.

The Supreme Court refused to block a vaccine mandate at Indiana University. Amy Coney Barrett denied a motion from some idiot students who claimed that the risks of being vaccinated were simply too much to bear. Good on her, even if it's just this once! (NBC News)

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds gave a nigh-unintelligible interview to a Des Moines TV station in which she "explained" her "reasoning" for not ending her prohibition on schools requiring masks. Uncle Owen! This R2 unit has a bad motivator!

I'd like to see data, they're not very transparent with the data I've asked for a lot of data on their requirement for mask and they have not been forthcoming. It's a recommendation, it is guidance, we can find data on both sides of the issue, the impact that it potentially has to children and so I want to make sure that we're being transparent with the data we want to make sure that we're getting accurate data I mean some of their original data that they sourced was a site with a test, or research out of India with a vaccine that we don't even use and so when you do things like that it tends to make people uncomfortable with what we're basing those decisions on. And so I think we just want to make sure that we're looking at all of the data that we're taking everything into account.

It just keeps going like that. Iowa schools may as well just start requiring masks. The governor is making them an offer they can't make any goddamn sense of. (KCRG-TV)

US Census data released yesterday show America's white population is shrinking. I hope so, because I can barely fit in an airline seat anymore. (Politico)

Shh. Sleeping basketbaby.

The FDA has authorized the use of an extra dose of the coronavirus vaccine for people who are immunocompromised. No, not for general use, people, just for folks who've had organ transplants or are otherwise at risk because their immune systems didn't create a very strong response to the first two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. If you are immunocompromised, talk with your healthcare provider, don't just read a snarky blog, yeesh. (FDA)

The US is sending 3,000 troops back to Afghanistan temporarily, to help evacuate staff from the US Embassy in Kabul. The Embassy is urging all Americans still in Afghanistan to get out immediately, as more provincial capitals fall to the Taliban. For God's sake, get the translators out, too. They're going to be murdered. (CNBC, LA Times)

Nobody likes the MyPillow guy anymore as his Big Lie con game falls apart. (Washington Post)

Update: the situation in the basket continues to develop.

Remember when ProPublica revealed details about how very little America's billionaires actually pay in taxes? We still haven't read this follow-up story on the project, promising the "inside story" of how the investigative nonprofit reported the story. It looks pretty good even if I haven't read it yet, and that's what makes it a Tab. (ProPublica)

With a headline like "When They Fantasize About Killing You, Believe Them," this Atlantic story is probably a must-read, too. Maybe not right before bed, though. It mention's Jesse Kelly's deranged 2018 fantasy in the Federalist about how great it'll be to murder enemies of America and cut off their scalps. You know, metaphorically, which is why he goes into so much detail about the carving off of human scalps. One of my first "A Doktor of Rhetoric" pieces, too. I should probably read the Atlantic piece, too! (Atlantic)

Look, I tried to be quiet, but I woke Thornton and then he had to wash himself thoroughly and scratch his chin with a hind foot.

I don't do recipes, but here is some very nerdy Star Trek cosplay I saw on Twitter. Excellent use of a shower curtain, which I'm pretty sure was part of the costume in the original, too.

Also too, if you're in the general vicinity of Spokane Saturday evening, remember I'll be at the Wonkmeet that evening, Yay! Spokane Audubon Park at 6 p.m. Look for the WonkMeet flag! Hosted by Wonkette Deep State Operatives Paul and Skepti-KC, who remind you filthy fuckaducks that this is a "family friendly event in a city park, so keep it cool, ya know." Sounds like pants may be a must.

Also too! Sunday evening in Los Angeles, your hosts will be Yr Editrix and Wonkette Deep State Operative CAlly for a meetup at Pan Pacific Park, 7600 Beverly Blvd from 3 to 6 p.m. sounds groovy!

Thornton eventually returned to normal, and balance was restored to the Doofus.

I swear this is actually a different photo from the second one in the series.

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