This Fashion Influencer Dog Is The Inspiration We All Need! Tabs, Fri., Nov. 6, 2020

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Jake Tapper, in sadness and anger and THE SEXY.

From 80 years ago, you'll want to read Dorothy Thompson if you haven't already: Who Goes Nazi? (Harper's)

We need David Bowie back to ref the Ossoff/Perdue and Warnock/Loeffler walkoffs, as both races are going to January for control of the US Senate! Jesus Christ. (AJC)

Here is the donate link for Stacey Abrams's "Fair Fight," which many (me) are crediting for oh, just FIXING GEORGIA, and I mean "fixing" like FIX IT and not like rigged. If you are looking for places to spend your paycheck, besides of course your Wonkette, it seems to be a much better ROI (haha DOUCHE TALK!) than candidate campaigns for Senate this cycle. — FAIR FIGHT

The New Yorker last year on how she's fighting voter suppression. (New Yorker)

PENNSYLVANIA FOUND A VOTE FRAUD! And you may want to sit down for this ... it was a Republican. (Fox8)

Liz, along with all the courts, laughs and laughs at yestertoday's vote cases. — Above the Law

I didn't even know coal magnate Don Blankenship, who sued me, was running for president; now it seems he may have spoiled Nevada for Trump. I'M FIRED! (Bloomberg)

Congratulations, Eric Trump, you are an election misinformation superspreader! — Buzzfeed

The Trump boys all full of ... well let's call it vinegar and yowling for Republicans to come to the aid of their father. Who has loser stank on him :( (TalkingPointsMemo)

Look at all these Republicans like "President Who?" Maybe he shouldn't have been so mean to them all the time, sad. — TPM

You've heard everyone LOL that "stop the vote! / count the votes!" is a VEEP scene. Let Vox write it up for you.

Oh no, whatever will Wonkette write about with Trump gone?

What do they say? Nature heals itself.

Mother may you? Yes you may. Mama over-reordered on Biden Harris New Day bumper stickers after you guys bought the first batch so fast, so I've put them on sale for your collection.

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