This Guy Ranked All The Coen Brothers Films, But That's Just Like His Opinion, Man

  • It's been 30 years since the Coen brothers released their first film, Blood Simple, so Christopher Orr at The Atlantic is re-watching and re-remebering all of them. And that's cool, man, that's cool. We'd even agree with him that this could easily be the best line from The Big Lebowski: “Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”

    But here's his ranking:

    1. No Country For Old Men

    2. Miller’s Crossing

    3. Fargo

    4. Raising Arizona

    5. Burn After Reading

    6. The Big Lebowski

    7. Blood Simple

    8. Inside Llewyn Davis

    9. A Serious Man

    10. Barton Fink

    11. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    12. True Grit

    13. Intolerable Cruelty

    14. The Man Who Wasn’t There

    15. The Hudsucker Proxy

    16. The Ladykillers

    The Big Lebowski is only number six? Really? REALLY? We beg to differ. You can beg to differ, with him or with us, in the comments.

  • Um ... ewwwwww?

    Of course, this week McDonald's Japan is jumping on the bandwagon with its own black burger called the Squid Ink Burger, marketed just in time for Halloween.

    Just as the name suggests, it is colored with actual squid ink. All natural.

    Black burger purists may be saddened to learn, however, that the burger IRL is actually just a really dark shade of brown.

  • Too bad slutty slut sluts can't just pick this up at the corner liquor store:

    Long-acting contraceptive devices should be the first choice of birth control for teenage girls, new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics state.

    Although most U.S. teens opt for condoms or birth control pills, two other forms of contraception -- intrauterine devices (IUDs) and contraceptive implants -- are much more reliable, according to the academy.

  • Did you know women have heart attacks? True story:

    Until shockingly recently — in fact, until this millennium — there was minimal research on women’s heart attacks because of widespread belief in the medical community that women did not have heart attacks. (When the American Heart Association introduced its Prudent Diet in the 1950s, it issued a pamphlet titled “The Way to a Man’s Heart.”

    Research studies commonly used all-male subjects. Men with abnormal test results were treated far more aggressively than women with the same results. Women reporting the same symptoms as men were at least twice as likely to receive — no surprise here — a psychiatric diagnosis. In a 1996 national survey of doctors, two-thirds were unaware of gender differences in symptoms and warning signs of heart attacks.

  • Legitimate good news:

    Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday that he has signed a bill that makes California the first in the nation to define when "yes means yes" and adopt requirements for colleges to follow when investigating sexual assault reports. [...]

    The legislation says silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent. Under the bill, someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep cannot grant consent.

    Lawmakers say consent can be nonverbal, and universities with similar policies have outlined examples as a nod of the head or moving in closer to the person.

    Advocates for victims of sexual assault supported the change as one that will provide consistency across campuses and challenge the notion that victims must have resisted assault to have valid complaints.

  • Would you like to win a date with The Most Interesting Man In The World? Happy Nice Time People has the details:

    Actor Jonathan Goldsmith is raffling off a day of falconry and off-road driving by his side because it’s not just a role; he’s actually that much cooler than you in REAL LIFE.

    Oh, and all the money goes to landmine removal in Cambodia. Of course it does. What did I JUST say about him being cooler than you?

    Plus, there are other prizes. Go check it out.

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