This 'Hard Work U.' At Which Sarah Palin Will Speak... One Must Never Go There


The college at which Sarah Palinwill speak in December, "Hard Work U.," is of course insanely Jesus-y and violent.

Flipping through the handbook, we see that boys who talk to girls will be punished with a butcher knife to the dick, and girls who talk to boys will be labeled WHORES and sent to the bottom of the ocean. Practice your devilry on the dungeon fish, Hester!

Oh, and if you're gay, well then, ha ha ha, if you're gay, oh man... please just do yourself a favor and quickly get AIDS.

Best to just stick with this "self-giving love" of which the administration seems so fond. But wait, no porno either? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, HARD WORK U.

Point is, Bristol will not be allowed on this trip.

([College of the Ozarks -- Handbook (PDF)]


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