Pop Quiz, Wonkers! Let's see who did the homework and who's a lazy slacker. Ready?

For 10,000 Wonkette No Prize Points: Who can bring a criminal complaint?

  1. The Grand Marshall of the Supreme Court
  2. Dr. Chucklehead, PhD and Loony Lawyer, Attorney at Law, Esq.
  3. Sovereign citizens
  4. Undocumented immigrants with ebola, THANKS OBAMA!
  5. None of the above

The answer is E, GTFOH, JEROME CORSI, ONLY PROSECUTORS CAN BRING CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS! Everyone else is entitled to write a letter airing their grievances like Festivus morning. And the Department of Justice is entitled to throw it in the fireplace, like a wad of crumpled wrapping paper. Which is undoubtedly what will happen to the 78-page manifesto Jerome Corsi and his superlawyer Larry Klayman dropped on the DOJ yesterday in an unsubtle effort to provide Matthew Whitaker with a pretext to stick a shiv in the Mueller investigation. This is not a criminal complaint, although it is based on one. As methane is based on cows.

It starts off with a reminder of the failed 2004 Senate run by the esteemed and "distinguished" counsel for the complainant. As one does.

Larry Klayman is sworn to mete out justice to all enemies of the one true faith!

To make a very long, very stupid story short (but still stupid), Corsi and Klayman are alleging prosecutorial misconduct and witness tampering because the Mueller team offered Dr. Corsi, Ph.D., a plea deal where he would admit to lying to federal prosecutors about his communications with Roger Stone in exchange for no jail time. See, even though everything he told them was nonsense, he (cough, cough) believed it was true when he said it, so the Special Counsel must now go to Gitmo for forcing Jerome Corsi to commit perjury most dreadful. 'Mmkay?

Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth. Dr. Corsi refuses to lie. He has stated publicly that he will not one day stand before God having lied; nor will he participate in a slow-motion coup against the president that would be to the detriment of his nation and the next generations by lying. And if he avoids a charge of lying by lying, he could never be confident that his constitutional and other legal rights will again be compromised, as apparently has already occurred with other subjects and targets of Special Counsel Mueller's run-a-way and politically motived investigation

Superfans will remember that Corsi deleted all his old emails and then swore to prosecutors that, when Roger Stone approached him about Julian Assange, he said, OH MY STARS AND GARTERS, I COULD NEVER PARTICIPATE IN ANY POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!


At first Jerome Corsi misremembered a totally fictitious cover story that exonerated him. But then the someone found his old emails and proved he was full of shit, so he amended his earlier testimony. So the Department of Justice must immediately do LOCK HER UPS to Mueller for suborning perjury. You bet!

He told them it was true, and they didn't believe him, therefore they are making false statements and doing the frauds, because Jerome Corsi is as good as his very word. Summon the constabulary posthaste, my good sir!

Also, Mueller must go directly to jail for being such a blabbermouth. Were you under the impression that SCO spokesman Peter Carr never tells no one nothing? Well how can you explain that everyone knows what Donald Trump is telling him, then, huh? Can't be Rudy Giuliani, that guy is the very definition of judicious and discreet!

In fact, just about every news media outlet has known exactly what Special Counsel Mueller and his compromised staff is doing on a daily basis:

The letter Mueller is reviewing was drafted by Trump along with policy adviser Stephen Miller, and legal experts say it is possibly the most critical piece of evidence in Mueller's obstruction-of-justice case since Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, because it can give prosecutors a direct window into Trump's thinking shortly before he fired Comey.

Sonam Sheth, "Mueller's investigation just got a boost — and another Trump associate may be inits crosshairs," Business Insider, September 2, 2017, available at:


There is so, so much bullshit about witness intimidation, prosecutorial misconduct, phantom conflicts of interest because one of the prosecutors represented the Clinton Foundation (which is obviously trying to assassinate Jerome Corsi with perjury), and coercing poor Dr. Corsi to make false statements -- because the plea deal would be sealed, forcing Corsi to delay reporting his perjury charge to FINRA, which regulates his securities license. Which raises the question, who in their right mind would take investment advice from Jerome "Swift Boat" "Birther" "Obama Gay" "Pizzagate" "QAnon" Corsi?


Oh, Larry Klayman, you do not disappoint! Book 'em, boys. This is a citizens arrest. Mister Mueller, you're being charged with treason for plotting a coup against President Trump.

CHECK PLEASE! That's about all we can take of this shit. We're heading home now to huff some glue, but please peruse this important document at your leisure courtesy of the nice people at Law & Crime. You won't find it on PACER, because it's not a goddamned criminal complaint!

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