Left: Three people like WTF IS THIS IDIOT? Right: The idiot.

Were you watching your TV cable news this weekend? If you missed it on Saturday, the "AM Joy" program was on, and she hosted Trump idiot black pastor Mark Burns, who has never met a white-centric Trumpian racist policy he didn't like. After getting kicked off the show for being a goddamn idiot, Burns recorded a mean and stupid video saying if Joy Reid loves the Haitians so much, maybe she should move there. You know, with the black people, PEE YEW, thought Mark Burns, we assume! Reid responded by READING HIM BIBLE, and he came off looking like the ass he is.

But Sunday! Ohhhhhhh Sunday. (You know, the day that comes after Saturday.) The discussion du jour was still ShitHoleGhaziGate, and a Trump lady named Stephanie Hamill was on Reid's esteemed panel, and she started spouting off horseshit about the Clinton Foundation murdering Haitians in their beds, and Joy-Ann Reid was Not. Having. It.

Here is what Hamill tried to pull:

It’s interesting to sit back and watch people are so angry about what that the president didn’t say, and they are more angry than they are at the Clintons for getting rich off the poor Haitians with the Clinton Foundation.


You can ask Klaus Eberwein, the former Haitian government official that has all the dirt on the Clinton Foundation – oh, wait, you can’t ask him because he mysteriously committed suicide the day he was supposed to testify.

Oh NO you do not do this business on Joy Reid's show, no you do not. And if you do, this is what happens:

Did you get talking points before you came here from the RNC or the White House? ... It’s interesting that yesterday Mark Burns, who was the surrogate we had on on the Trump side yesterday, tried to roll out the same Clinton stuff. Did you get talking points before you came here?

And then this happens:

I don’t know you, Stephanie, but let me explain this to you: This is not Fox News and we are not going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in answers to my questions and take us off track. So I am going to put you on pause for a minute, I’m going to put you to the side because they are more familiar with the way that we do things here.

Remember what Barack Obama said about how if you are a Fox News viewer, you literally live on a different planet from the smart people who like arugula and listen to NPR?

Anyway, after Reid said all those things to Hamill, SHE MADE HER STAY THERE AND SHUT UP THE ENTIRE SEGMENT.

It was early on you see, when Joy Reid put Stephanie Hamill on pause, so she just kept her there in the split screen and made her smile and nod and stew while smarter people like Reid and Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Post kept talking, and when Hamill tried to cut in, Reid was like "Oh, are you somehow under the impression that it is your turn?" What was Hamill going to do, get up and leave? Because that would have made her look like even more of an idiot than she already did, which is hard to imagine for somebody who came in spouting Clinton Foundation conspiracy theories.


Here, have a video time!

Hamill responded to having her ass handed to her on Twitter:

Wonkette is not OK with people sending hateful and terrible messages -- really! -- and we definitely are not OK with death threats, so if you liberal idiots out there in liberal idiot land are doing that to poor Stephanie Hamill, STOP IT NOW.

Besides, she has already shamed HERSELF through her own behavior on Joy Reid's show. She doesn't need you telling her what an ass she is, because deep down in her soul, she knows.

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