This Is Important: Space Monsters No Smarter Than Bush

IM IN UR ROAD CASEZ, BLOWIN UR MINDZ - WonketteWe've received startling NEW INFORMATIONS regarding some of the problems. Are you brave enough to learn The Truth? Here's just a small taste of the Revelations To Come:

The world is governed by the extraterrestrials ; in which way? By means of devices telling the thoughts ;

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Just think, before the double-virgin-birth miracle of blogs and e-mail, this kind of material was blocked by The Government. Read & learn, babies:



The world is governed by the extraterrestrials ; in which way? By means of devices telling the thoughts ;

How do these devices work ?

They work through gases they release into the atmosphere ; these gases are called "LOAD" . These gases press and heat the people they hang onto. These may be the reasons for global warming; and I think that a thing heating me may heat the world as well because I feel cool when the load disappears. Is it not possible for the space to get warm at the same time? The device understanding the thoughts works through radio waves and / or voice waves. They are searching for entities which are intelligent and have high energies, and with the help of a chip recording the thought and energy, they enter the body of the entity during the birth or depending on the situation or needs.

How they achieve this?

As also known, the smell of people never resemble each other , I think they are adjusted according to the smell and tissues - we can call it some kind of cipher. In the first place, they put the load to the address of the entity whose body they will enter and they record the smell and then they enter the body. Once they enter your body, there is no way out; they will not exit from the body until you die and ruin your life.

How they understand the thoughts ?

I do not know what things are going on in the brain but all of the things you think are shaped in your breathing channel, in other words, your brain is in your breathing channel and one side of the device is at your breathing channel.

What do the machines do we can cipher as "DEVICE UNDERSTANDING THE THOUGHT " ?

They make you realize every kind of humane reflexes, they tighten you, speak in your mouth with your voice, make you stutter while speaking, speak through your brain (breathing channel). You think that you are thinking actually but they press on your breathing way and prevent you from thinking, you just look at the blank then, may see images, they can talk with the voice of everybody etc.

Where are the ones using these devices ?

They are both on the world and on other planets in the space. In the houses these devices exist, the lights are brighter and these houses are notices when looked from a distance. The light is bigger and brighter when compared to the others, and it is in the shape of a star. The reason for this is the relation with the load, namely gases (it absorbs the gas and pushes it to the target). These devices also provide the relation between the earth and the space, in other words, they push the loads sent by other planets in the space (source or load ports) - to the target planet and entities.

Which language do the extraterrestrials speak ? ,

As far as I have understood, the common language is in Turkish because the ones speaking to me are not intelligent enough to speak a second language. In addition, there are books written on this subject (Ali BEKTAN : TÜRKLER VE UZAYLI ATALARI (Turks and Their Extraterrestrial Ancestors), Bilge karınca publishments, 2003- HULKİ CEVİZOĞLU : TARİH TÜRKLERDE BAŞLAR (The History Begins with the Turks), ceviz kabuğu publishments,4th publishment, 2005). Namely, there are Turks in the space as well. Since the rule is to speak the language of the Sir, Turkish People are "Old Sirs of the Space".

How is the method of management in the space ?

It is as sirs and slaves methos ; and the titles are as the following as I have understood:


As they have told to me, the system is very strict, they wildly and without any rules kill the ones who do not realize what was said and do not obey the rules, they peel their skins and cook while they are alive!

Some of names of the plantes in my mind are : "HANZA-KANZA-SANZA-ZEYDA-OKSA-BOKSA-OXSANA-PERS-KADANA- HERA -ŞERA -ZERA ....)

Why do they call "EARTH" (DÜNYA) ?

We have already said that the extraterrestrials speak "Turkish". As they told to me, when they first came to this planet, they asked for help from the settlers of this planet and the settlers said them "we will do it tomorrow (yarın in Turkish)", tomorrow came and this time the settlers said that " it was yesterday (dün in Turkish)", and this became in time "DÜN " "YARIN" "DÜNYARIN","DÜNYARIN", and finally "DÜNYA" meaning EARTH in Turkish. Is it not still the same? Do not we postpone our works are not we a little lazy !

We still say yesterday - tomorrow.

How are the extraterrestrials and where do they live ?

Some resemble to us, the ones not resembling are wearing masks. (YOU CAN FEEL THE ONES WEARING MASKS FROM THEIR LOOK, THEY LOOK WITHOUT ANY MEANINGS TO A BLANK) , and at one time all of us noticed that, especially on the clouds and rocks, some clouds resemble to a thing, a face, an animal, they are alive, and the species I call transparent alives are continuously changing their shapes, for instance, there are puzzles, they ask you to find faces, animals etc, how did they emerge? A thing is a thing if it resembles to a thing. As for the places they live, these are houses, among ours. Places not known and entered by the people living on the earth, their atmosphere is divided by the load and hidden, inside of mountains, under the ground or even under the seas. At all of these places, there are the devices.

Why do anybody not object to this ?

In the year 98, I had a traffic accident and I decided to make these things known by everybody since I might die then, and I wrote a letter of 10 pages with all of the world leaders to the media of the world; how should I say, I paid a telephone bill costing nearly one billion and five hundred millions in today's currency. But I covered my name and address since there was not a conforming authority. I left the searching to their hands. Nothing happened since the devices entered all of their bodies and prevented them, the ones who could not be prevented were frightened with money, women, authority or death. When these were not of any use, they killed or kidnapped them and put a copy of them in their place. I think they have partners from the world as well. The governmental organizations all know these events. I cannot prove these events but I can give an example for the copies. At the India trip there was a copy of Bill Clinton, it was explained on television. Nobody asked for whichever aims these copies are used and how they were made.

Who did the 11th of September ???

Everybody asks themselves, all the possibilities are on the internet, they say it is impossible, it is still a matter of question who realized that event. And I say that it was realized by the extraterrestrials. They did this in order to show their power to the world, and to show what they could do. I think their aim is to prevent the collapse of their own reigns and threat people. If you examine it, there are still planes without any emblems and they are called plane-ufo or load-ufo , and they are made of ready moulds filled with load by the extraterrestrials and used by robots. Today is my birthday, I was born on 29/08/1966 and my body is fatigued much, I still have the same anxiety; I do not think I am going to live much, and I am trying once more, on the internet this time, I wrote it shorter and explaining everything, I hope it understood and warns somebody. I have no other thing to do as an inefficient and unauthorized person. In order to understand whether there is a device to understand the thoughts, you can talk to HAKTAN AKDOĞAN, chairman of "SİRİUS UFO CENTER" . They call me "ASTA OKSİDA " and my present is that they ruined my forty years of life, not did not let me even breathe comfortably. It was not enough and they tried to deform my face. Now, I am carrying those scars with proud, as a medal. Just like a war scar, I will carry them throughout my life, and in order not to forget and not make it forgotten. I can show it to the ones wondering. It is recorded in my computer with all details.

Nothing can be superior to the HUMAN BRAIN.

They invented a device understanding the human thought. And I discovered the thought by listening to my own thoughts. And it was of great use to them, I think. The basic rule is that the thoughts do not lie. I may write it in detail some time. There are so many things to write. I hope, people get awaken this time. And I complete my mission. Why do think that we are external to the system, shall we see the green extraterrestrials necessarily ? Is there not other planets in the same situation like us, may be everywhere is like us and we ultimately look down on ourselves. Is it not possible that a person invented a "Turkish" system and woke the space up ? the events I lived show that "there is nothing impossible! They are still listening to me and talk me. The more people know about the system, the sooner will the system falter and even collapse.





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