This Is Just A Very Good Video Of A Coyote Pup Getting Rescued By A Chicago Guy Who Swears A Lot


Given the fact that Donald Trump is our president and everything is shit, there's not a whole lot of uplifting news in the world. It is, often, really, really hard to find something both perky and relevant for the open thread. So today, I'm going with just perky.

I actually wanted to dip back into some more of Stefan Molyneux's make-up tips today, because he's really been on a tear this week (nail polish is ALSO evil, as it turns out!), but I don't have time to do that plus another post afterwards just for the two people who get mad at me for making fun of gross misogynists for the open thread. So cute animals it is!

Generally speaking, I'm not much of a fan of cute animal videos (I have a whole thing about that, because another site I worked for asked me to do them because I was "the girl" on staff...), but I quite like this foul-mouthed guy with a strong Chicago accent rescuing a coyote pup. He's pretty great and says a bunch of things one would not quite expect from a guy doing a video about rescuing a coyote pup, like "Did some redneck shoot your parents?" and "have we not established that I'm not gonna eat you?" and "I'm not gonna fuck with you!"

Our coyote-saving hero is one Tony Santore, who runs a YouTube channel called Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't, which he describes as "A Low-Brow, Crass Approach to Plant Ecology As Muttered By a Misanthropic Chicago Italian." We have actually met this him before, in one of Dok's Nice Time posts!

In other news, have you seen that whole thing about the TSA worker at the Rochester Airport getting fired for passing a note to a guy that said "You Ugly!"? I KNOW THE GUY. How weird is that? I haven't talked to him in like 15 years, but we were friends at one point and there he was, this morning, being famous for a TSA worker calling him ugly. Which, for the record, he's not. He's also a pretty nice guy.

Anyway, this is now your open thread. Enjoy!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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