This Is Legal Now.

Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men and maimed another when he was scared they would kill him just because he was shooting them, has been acquitted by a Wisconsin jury on all charges.

It does too make perfect sense!

We have come to an era in our country, ushered in by the NRA, in which fear for your life is grounds to kill someone who is trying to defend themselves from you threatening their life. Two national trials explored that this week; Ahmaud Arbery's killers in Georgia are insisting they did it in self defense (while standing over his body yelling the n-word) because he grabbed at the gun they were pointing at him.

And the Supreme Court is presumably about to make it even worse, when it rules that any state regulation on who can carry lethal weapons, when, and how, are unconstitutional.

Even Antonin Scalia, God rot his soul, when he found for the first time in Heller that there was a constitutional right to personal arms, insisted that states could still regulate them.

Everyone knew in their bones Rittenhouse would be acquitted, after he crossed state lines with a semiautomatic weapon it was illegal for him to carry, and then shot the people who were trying to disarm him after he shot someone who threw a plastic bag at him.

Everyone knew it, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. The Right has a new hero, one whose thirst to shoot people the jury was not allowed to see because it was prejudicial, one whose cold-cocking of a girl, just weeks before, the jury was not allowed to see because it was prejudicial, one whose new bosom friends the Proud Boys and gun maniacs are thirsting to shoot some leftists themselves.

And it's open season.

We all knew it, but here's a funny ("funny") tidbit from the article below the verdict in the Washington Post's stream:

A man who caused a ruckus Wednesday when he showed up outside the Rittenhouse trial armed with a rifle and chanting against the Black Lives Matter movement is a former police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The man, identified as Jesse T. Kline, had been dismissed from the force several years ago, Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. confirmed to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Thursday. Kline later confirmed his identity to the Washington Post.

In recent days, reporters outside the Kenosha County Courthouse have reported seeing Kline acting bizarre as he mingled with the onlookers who awaited the Rittenhouse verdict. Then on Wednesday, Kline showed up to the courthouse with a long gun, prompting law enforcement officials to check his identification before requesting that he disarm himself.

He was fired — from the Ferguson PD! — after he "allegedly stalked a woman, who he had been in a romantic relationship with, to another man's home. Kline then allegedly threatened the man by poking his chest with the barrel of his gun, according to KSDK." The charges were dropped when his ex and her boyfriend refused to testify.

That man, with that record, can only be "requested to disarm himself" outside a public courthouse. That's who's carrying rifles around, to make a point about "self defense," we guess.

Stay safe. We love you.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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